Finding some listening exercises

Am I missing the place where one can do some listening exercises? I think that there are some on the site but I can’t find them.

Hello @SheilaF. It depends of what material you’re going through. If you’re working with Levels (new material) then the listening practices are incorporated into the course itself, but only in Level 1 for now. You have listening practice after Challenge 5, Challenge 10, Challenge 15, Challenge 20 and Challenge 25. Only listening prcactice after Challenge 5 is normal speed (if I’m remembering correctly) however all the rest are at double speed and sound more like the Chipmunk speach. They’re not aimed to be fully understood but to make your brains react faster to whatever speach so that you’d be more capable of understanding and responding to the real native speakers when going into the wild and try to make a conversation.

Old material named Courses have separate listening practices which are changing in its content every week (on Mondays if I’m correct. It’s recommended that you go through the first 6 Lessons first before starting with the weekly listening practices which are for free with the Course 1. Daily practices are at disposal only to paying members and are set in advance for the whole week (what means you’ll find 5 different listening practices every week).

You can find it all if you go to Learning Page, click on “Challenges” tab on the right side of the upper (colored) banner and when the floating window opens click on “Old material” to get dropdown menu open. Scrollign to the bottom of the window you’ll find “Weekly practices” and “Daily practices”. Clicking on whichever of them it will open a new dropdown with links to the particular practices. These practices are actually devided to two categories - listening and speaking and it’s your choice what you wnat to do though. The choice here further is yours what you’ll take and also depends on what membership do you have (paying or free). Whichever link you click it will carry you to the site where sellected practices are and from there you can either download them or just listen/practice from the site.



Hope it helps.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Fantastic detailed help there - diolch o galon, Tatjana! :star: :star2:

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Thank you. I’m trying my best. :slight_smile:

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