Finding it tough

I am finding the pace of learning too high. I am unable to give it the 4 hours a week . Can I just download the weekly challenges and take longer to go through them?

In my limited opinion, the main priority is to enjoy learning a language. Do not let it burn you out! You can always come back to it. Make your own reasonable timetable.

P.S. Using your Welsh out in public can also give you that positive dopamine boost to want to come back to more lessons

@lee-goodbody it’s fine to work through the Challenges at your own pace, but you may like to give the new AutoMagic methodology a try and see if that suits you better. You can adjust the speed of learning to get more practice if you need. Click on ‘Learn’ at the top of the website, then go to ‘AutoMagic’.
You’re currently registered in the 6 Months course though through Work-based Learning. That’s the most intense of our courses, so you may need to talk to your coordinator/manager about changing to the 12 months version.

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