Finding beginner's fiction books in Spanish

Hi, introducing myself. My name is Maeve and I have been learning Spanish for about 5 months. I live in Stockport, Cheshire. I love learning by the ’ Say Something in…’ way. I got to quite a high standard ( 1 exam down from GCSE Level) in Welsh last year. I did combine this with reading beginner’s fiction
books but am failing in finding anything suitable in Spanish!! If any one knows of any, I would be grateful for titles et.!!
Thank you.

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Hi Maeve, and a very warm welcome to the Spanish side of the site!

I’ve tended to look for Spanish versions of adult books I like more than beginners’ fiction per se - maybe you could look for books you’re familiar with on

Let us know how you get on with it :sunny:

Hi Aran,
Thanks for the welcome and taking the trouble to reply to me. Yes I agree with you that Adult books are better than beginners. When I was learning Welsh, the first fiction book I read was ‘Blodwen Jones’. That was fantastic and included some vocabulary in English at the bottom of every page. I just can’t find a Spanish book equivalent anywhere. I have purchased a little book of short stories in Spanish but alas, have found it just that bit too challenging for me!!
I will keep on looking. Also I am going to Lanzarote for 2 months soon so I will continue with my research in this matter there! At least I should be able to test my language skills!! Saludos, Maeve

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Hi Maeve,

I have found these graded readers very useful when I was learning French:

They have a good quality recording and some comprehension excercises at the end of each chapter.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much. I will certainly look those up. They sound very intwresting

A very good series of graded fiction books is published by Ediciones SM, in the series “El Barco De Vapor.” The books
are colour-coded according to age group and reading level and tend to be aimed at readers between about 6 and 12 years of age.


Thanks a lot for sharing that, David :star2:

Thank you David. I will have a closer look at them.

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hi Maeve
have you looked at for fictional books because they have books and audiobooks and some have a method they call parallel text (i.e. spanish on the left page and english on the right) to compare while reading
Nick J


Thank you Nick, that looks really interesting. I’m am in Lanzarote at the moment, been here for 7 weeks, 1 week left, but I will look at that site when I get back, it sounds really promising!
Thanks again, Maeve

hi Maeve
i forgot to mention in a previous post that albalearning has european and american classic books and the best part is it’s FREE
Nick J

Aun mejor! Muchas gracias!!

Bump this thread, I’m new to the SSiS. I have had good luck with the graded readers from Black Cat.


Thanks for that. Have had a look at the site. Looks interesting . Thank you

I find gossip mags like “Hola!” really useful. You can get them on ipad etc. Good for simple colloquial Spanish. You get all the slang etc.

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Also, I have “El Pais” bookmarked on my browser. So everyday I click on an item that interests me and see how much I can pick up.

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Hello all,
The following site has lots of great activities for practising Spanish at all levels, using stories, podcasts, videos, grammar exercises…

Just come back from a fun week learning Spanish in Spain and the tutor there recommended it (esp. listening to songs)
Diolch SSiS for a great course - doing Level 1 and half of level 2 before going to Spain gave me a great boost beforehand!

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Thank you so much for that information. Sounds as if it could be fun!

That looks like a great share, Lynne - thank you! :star:

Hello everyone,

My name is Lara and I write fun spanish short story. I just publish one. It is about a very corrupted lawyer. There is the vocabulary sheet plus the exercises. You gen get it on Amazon. I hope you like it.