Finally got this posting lark sorted I hope?!

Just checking to see if I’ve successfully posted! Have been enjoying Radio Cymru heddiw, learning all about the Marianas Trench and different types of bananas amongst other things! Anhygoel :grin:


yup, you’ve cracked it! Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr iawn i ti, Siaron! So glad to hear I’ve cracked it at last.


Well done Claire! And welcome to the forum… :slight_smile: :star2:

When I listened to Radio Cymru it was at night and it switches to Radio 5 :rofl:

I know. It’s annoying isn’t it? The BBC could fill the night time with repeats of other programmes, as it does with R4 and R4 extra. I listen to the radio at night because I have tinnitus. I was planning to leave Radio Cymru playing gently all night once or twice a week instead of other talk radio stations; but I am thwarted by this switch to Radio 5 which I just can’t stand listening to. If you have the iPlayer or BBC sounds on your pone, you can have your phone on radio playing whatever you want to listen to in whatever order by building a playlist. Of course you could do this with anything you have streamed or downloaded.

Hello, thanks so much, diolch yn fawr for replying. Unfortunately I do my listening when on a night shift and am not able to use my phone :persevere: Never mind though I will have to fit it in somewhere else.