Films in Welsh on the internet

In addition to watching the TV in Welsh (S4C) I would like to watch films with dialogue in Welsh - and optionally with Welsh subtitles together with the Welsh dialogue.

I use Netflix to do this to watch Spanish films. Does anyone watch Welsh films on the internet. How and where?


Unfortunately, there aren’t that many films in Welsh to begin with, so I doubt Netflix believes it’d be worth their money to acquire licences to show those films on its site. Unfortunately, I suspect buying the DVDs and waiting for S4C to broadcast them are the only ways to legally watch them at home.

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Dwi’n wedi ffindio rhyw Fideos yn Cymraeg ar y we… mae hi’n anodd iawn i ffindio nhw!
Pobeth heb isdeitlau Cymraeg - sôri!

Hedd Wyn ar Youtube - gyda Is-deitlau Saesneg

Dal: Yma/Nawr

Tylluan Wen

Solomon a Gaenor

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These are not films, but there are animated shorts on YouTube by cnex. They are a bit ribald and make fun of everyone famous in Wales - especially Bryn Fon, but here is an example.

Thanks for these. My wife worked on Solomon and Gaenor, but I’ve never seen it. I don’t know whether she will want to watch it again, but now I can!

I had never seen Solomon and Gaenor either but I’ve just enjoyed sitting here watching it - so sad, but such a good film. Unfortunately the version posted above comes with subtitles that look like they might be Polish, so it gets tricky in the Yiddish parts. I can understand enough German to get quite a lot of it, and some meaning can be guessed from the context, but I still didn’t get everything.

Just a short film, again with English subtitles. Worth watching though…

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‘Rhosyn a Rhith’ (Coming up Roses) is there in 3 parts on YouTube

diolch yn fawr