Does anyone know what happened to Ffrindiau that was started about 2 years ago? As far I can remember, the idea was for learners to befriend fluent speakers on a one-to-one basis as a tool for rapid progress: Ideal for all SSIWers. I have lost the link (if it still exists). Can someone help? Diolch yn Fawr …

I’ve searched a bit on net but didn’t quite find what you’re asking for. The domains I’ve tried instinctly (like Ffrindiau.org, Ffrindiau.com, Ffrindiau.co.uk etc) are either for sale or they don’t exist. As much as I also can see SSiW registered domain Ffrindiaith.org and you can find everything about this on SSi here. (if this is somewhere close what you wanted to know). Well, however I’m not actually sure if this all works already. (I’ve just searched things but @aran has it all).

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You will find “ffrinDiaith” right here: https://www.saysomethingin.com/welsh/ffrindiaith/home
Or, apparently, also at ffrindiaith.org (which takes you to the same place).

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I’ve written approximately the same but I remember @aran saying at one point that it isn’t actually in function yet so I’ve said he has it all. I hope things have changed until now. If I missunderstood the point of that being said let me be excused but this is what I recall from one of his post somewhere on this forum to be said.

Yup, ffrinDiaith.org is alive, technically - it just hasn’t had a lot of love - but I know that at least some of the people bidding to be providers under the new Welsh for Adults structure are keen to put some real resources into it, so fingers crossed :sunny:

I’ve been meaning to put in a good word for FfrinDiaith and this has jogged my memory. I met up with my ‘Ffrindiaith’ over a year ago now. It totally changed my Welsh life, well gave me a Welsh life that I didn’t have before!

The minimum you’ll get from having a Ffrindiaith is a friendly chat for an hour or so on a regular (or not so regular) basis: weekly, fortnightly, monthly. But you might get a lot more - I did!

For a start, you get to know which are the Welsh speaking places to meet up and can get to know the staff, so you can go in there and speak Welsh to them on your own when you’re feeling brave. :sweat_smile:

My Ffindiaith gave my name to the person organising the volunteers in the Owain Glyndwr Parliament House in Machynlleth. That is how I started ‘working’ there, welcoming visitors. From doing that, I met lots of the other people involved. Now I’m on the management committee, which has led me to meet more people and take part in even more activities - all in Welsh!

Although I only met up with my Ffrindiaith maybe eight times over about three months, it has led to lots of opportunities to use and improve my Welsh, Just try it!

But … Watch out… you might get be ‘volunteered’ for something that you hadn’t bargained for - understanding people speaking Welsh. :confused: