FfitCymru - new TV series looking for participants


Sorry I’ve been a bit slow putting this here, some of you may have seen posts on FB depending who you follow, but Cwmni Da are looking for participants in a new series and there’s still time to apply if anyone is interested -


Do you get to hang out with Lisa Gwilym? :smile:

As I’m not directly involved in the programme I couldn’t say for certain, but that’s a distinct possibility :smile:

Here’s what it says on the Facebook page:

Rydym yn chwilio am bump o bobl sy’n llawn ymroddiad i newid eu bywydau er gwell yn 2018. Dysgwch mwy am #FfitCymru yn fan hyn: www.s4c.cymru/ffitcymru

We’re looking for five dedicated people to change their lives for the better in 2018. Find out more about #FfitCymru here: www.s4c.cymru/ffitcymru

Who’s willing to give it a go?

I don’t suppose they offer a lung transplant?! :wink:

I doubt it’s something they’ve budgeted for! :wink:

:smile: I doubt they are looking for someone like me either … though showing a variety of different ages and initial states of fitness would be a good idea, in my opinion. I’m not about to volunteer though!



As i undestand it, you are an example of the modern ability of the medical profession to cure cancer! They should be very glad to have you to encourage others!

I know this is an old thread, but the series is still going! Here’s the latest request:

Mae FFIT Cymru yn awyddus i dderbyn ceisiadau gan bobl anabl. Bydd cefnogaeth addas arbenigwyr ar gael. Cysylltwch â’r tim cynhyrchu os am fwy o wybodaeth ! ffitcymru@cwmnida.tv

FFIT Cymru are keen to recieve applications from disabled people. Experts will provide relevant support.

Contact the production team for more info ! ffitcymru@cwmnida.tv