Fel Anifail, Cardiff

I’ve just spotted this in time. They are performing a new production, ‘Fel Anifail’ in Theatr y Sherman this week. It’s in Welsh, but English subtitles are provided. Normal People tickets are £16, Concs available
I’m thinking of going this Friday, anybody interested @Karla @Hishiv ?

I’d love to, but I’m working Friday evening :frowning:

I could potentially go on Saturday?

I can’t do tonight or Saturday, unfortunately.

Only just seen this! We went on Saturday, and it was very good. The Guardian gave it 4 stars! (Still shocked at the Guardian reviewing a Welsh-language play…)

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I went on the Saturday too in the end! It was hard going, lots if unfamiliar vocabulary and why did they keep using the chi forms? The English subtitles 3 sentences ahead messed up my head too in my weak moments. I did enjoy it though!