I am 86 and have just, this week, completed Level 2of SSiW. Every week, I have done half of each challenge twice (M,T,W,TH), and the complete challenge on Friday. The lockdown has been verY helpful, and I feel I have made a lot of progress.
But I have not been able to handle the double-speed listening, and just wish it could be at normal speed!
I feel I could now really benefit from a boot camp, but suppose that with Covid19, the next one will be some way ahead.
I have really enjoyed Aran’s book, and he has highlighted many of the problems I have faced.
So thank you, Aran and the team for all I have learned and I now look forward to carrying on with Level 3. Bryan Stevens, Pencaer


Hi Bryan, welcome to the forum!

Firstly may I say, huge congratulations for completing level 2, you seem to have done amazingly well with your progress over lockdown and have figured out a really effective, personalised routine to your learning regime.

I’m in awe of you learning a new language at 86 - what an inspiration!

All the very best with level three, I am looking forward to hearing how you get on with it! :smiley:


Hi Bryan, I will be 86 next month and started learning Welsh with SSIW about three years ago, Have done level 1,2,3 and the deep end. So pleased to hear how well you are doing, keep up the good work. Are you doing the course de neu gogledd?


Llongyfarchiadau! Well done to have got to the end of Level 2. Try not to give up on the speed listening. It seems counter-intuitive at first but you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll be able to pick out after a while. It’s all about the magic of the SSIW method and getting things embedded in your brain.

I did a bootcamp a couple of years ago and Aran made it part of our daily routine to listen to the “chipmunks” as he called them or “sglodmynachod” os bydd yn well gen ti!

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Hello Bryan, I can’t get my head around the speeded up version, I too wish it could be at normal speed. It fries my brain!

Can you provide a link to Arans book please?


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Diolch yn fawr

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And there is this one, specifically on the method - 99p for kindle version on amazon - bargain! A veeeery interesting read from the point of view of how SSIW works (and the speed listening theory!)

Hi Bryan - congratulations on getting to Level 3. I hope to be there in the future but am battling with Challenge 21 at the moment. It has given me brain ache! I was interested in your comment about Aran’s book. Can you tell me what it is please?

Thanks Christine. Aran’s book is about the problems of learning Welsh and how he overcame them. Good luck with your progress; I am still finding Level 3hard, although we have been locked down in West Wales since March.