Feedback request: Fancy some fun at the same time as spreading the word?

Our 6 month course has been very popular - but we couldn’t get the advertising to work in way that kept the price at £100, so it’s back up at the full price of £200 - out of reach for a lot of people.

Our 6 minute course is designed to solve that - and has a raft of extra good stuff recently added - daily options for video chat practice, a faster overall learning curve (while sticking pretty closely to the 6 minutes a day idea) - and quite possibly more consolidation (because it doesn’t do the whole sprint thing on the 6 months).

I think it’s by quite some way the best framework we’ve put together so far.

But it just doesn’t get the same level of buzz as the 6 month course, for whatever reason.

So we want to try and get people talking about it - to spread the word about what a powerful solution it is, at a much lower price (maybe that’s part of the problem, actually - people seem to have doubts about anything that doesn’t cost much).

We thought - how about a competition for people to spread the word?

With actual prizes and stuff?

Including maybe some really fun things? Yes, we’re calling in some favours…

What do you reckon? Does it sound entertaining?

More details coming early next week… :slight_smile:


I’ll step up my “word of mouth” evangelism when I see your plan next week.
As far a prizes are concerned you’re still in credit from the Nia cwtsh and the shiny Oscar :smile:


You’re coming to the party, aren’t you? Just checking… :wink:

I’m being measured up for Dinner Suit with matching cummerbund and bow tie by Clive’s (“suit you sir”) next week. :smile:

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Hi Aran,

This is probably a tricky one ( he says in advance ) but is there a way for those who followed older versions to generally be able see, understand, (try out?,) what is involved in the newer ones - from the point of understanding it, potentially helping and/or recommending?

I have tried to keep up to date by looking at the website content but in conversation/ recommending things to people I’ve had to resort to ‘it sounds really good’…(of course there is nothing wrong with that)…but people tend to want to know more/ how it works to ‘close the deal’!

…put another way - I feel a little ‘old school’ - having been around for a whole 18 months!..things have moved on a lot in that time!..(and long may that continue).

I for one would love to help more/ as much as I can

Rich :slight_smile:


It’s a good point - it can be hard to keep up with over here, too!

I think the simplest thing right now is to have a squint at the pages that explain the structured courses to potential learners - and - the key points, I think, are that there is now video group practice available every day for people on the structured courses… :slight_smile:


Can I get a little feedback on something?

Which would you prefer? A week in Portmeirion (with a meal out with Catrin and me) but no Welsh lessons, or a week in Nant Gwrtheyrn with Welsh lessons and full board?


Sorry - I’m clicking the wrong stuff - Perhaps a week’s course on how to use a laptop without a mouse :slight_smile:

No, seriously
If for one: Nant Gwrtheyrn
If for two: Portmeirion.

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Ahh, that’s a very good point. [does some quick maths] Yup, the Portmeirion would be for winner + guest… :slight_smile:

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Fantastic prizes!
Portmeirion would get my vote provided they’ve got rid of that massive bouncing ball on the beach.
Rhif Chwech


We’ll pop down and check for you… :wink:

Also - would any one like a free, guaranteed place on a Bootcamp? Instead of having to do the ‘hammer away at the link in the first 30 seconds after Iestyn announces it’ game?

Another brilliant idea. Where DO you get them? :smile:


Vouchers for flights to/from Cardiff? :grin:

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You’d be far better off flying to Liverpool if you were going to the gogs :wink:


Even Manchester which offers more choices.

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I have to consolidate my accent before I can go to the gogs.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

More seriously, I do want to visit the North of course, but it really depends on how many days I can stay, cause I have a few threads to follow in the South, and a lot of nice people I’d like to meet again (and have more advanced conversation with, hoping I improve my Welsh before then) :grinning:

P.s iboth Portmeirion and Nant Gwrtheyrn are very interesting prizes!


and a lot of nice people I’d like to meet again

Please see my private message :smile:

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Ouch - I think that might put us out of business fairly quickly!

But if we can grow enough, who knows… maybe next year… maybe

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Well, I didn’t mean full price to/from any destination! :grinning:
Any discount would be appreciated although the one I’m more interested in - Milano- is often around £50 - 100 and you had been talking about one week full board, courses, bootcamps I didn’t think would be cheaper than that! :thinking:

p.s. in any case now I see all the prizes are great. (BTW are prizes meant just for Welsh language courses or any of the SSiW?)

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All our intensive/bootcamp/etc stuff is only currently available in Welsh - in terms of what we’re asking you to point people at, it’s specifically the 6 minute a day Welsh course - although if this goes well, we might well do something similar with other languages in the future… :slight_smile:

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