Faux Pas

Noswaith dda,

I hope you don’t mind my observation albeit maybe a bit late and not wanting to sound rude but did anyone else pick up on the different wording in challenge 16 at approximately 22.45 into the recording where Aran talks about a book and Catrin about a film?
Just an observation I made!

I hope this shows I am ahead of the curve Aran? :rofl:
Kindest regards

I’m sure Aran will say that he’s just testing you and you should be proud of yourself for picking it up :wink:

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That’s exactly what I thought Deborah, I love Aran’s humour and this course is just superb!

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There’s another incident where edrych replaces dyshgel, (dishgel, dishgwl ? Don’t know how to spell it). It’s all part of the fun I think.

Hi Deborah,

I hope you are well considering?

Deborah I feel so useless asking this, but since my break in Feb which seems to have taken its toll and I feel I am just falling further behind from where I would hope to be after such a great start!! I would like to know what Aran and the rest of you think is the best step forward for me?

Diolch yn fawr iawn

Dai Alun Hughes

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Helo Dai,

I’m fine, thanks. I hope you’re the same :slight_smile:

How did you feel after having a go at Challenge 19 recently? Was it starting to come back to you? You could always go back a couple of challenges and have a run through to refresh your memory.

Or go back to where you feel more or less comfortable, but still pushed a little, then let me know where you’d like to be in the course, and I’ll set you there so you can carry on from that point.

Pob hwyl,


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