Fantastic Progress With The Creation Of Spanish Level Two

I can’t imagine how much hard work is involved in creating these courses. So a big thank you for the progress SSiSp is making with Level 2 - and not just because it is so useful to me (which it is), but because the world deserves better language teaching and it’s great to see SSi paving the way.

Thank you, once again,


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Diolch yn fawr iawn, Justin :sunny:

Huge hat tip here to @gabycortinas and @lewie as well as the remarkable importing team (too many to tag them all) so well organised by @hewrop :star2: :star:

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I don’t even have time to do the new Level 1 of Welsh… :cry:

I clearly need to spend a weekend on my summer vacation to listen all of these on one go. :grin:

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We should be starting to produce new materials via the SSiBorg before the end of the summer, at which point we should be able to stop you from ever catching up entirely again…:wink:


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Diolch yn fawr am dy eiriau caredig, Aran.

Can I also mention in dispatches our prolific international team of checkers. Without naming names, they include people in Bayern, Lloegr and the Unol Daleithiau. Their keen eyes and ears help to ensure the quality of the final products.

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Only just noticed these.

Something to get stuck into after bootcamp

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