Fancy a House Share/Mini Bootcamp for 2015 Eisteddfod?

On a couple of occasions in the past, a handful of SSiWers have come together for the week of the Eisteddfod and rented their own self catering house. They’ve had a good social time of it, visiting the Maes, going to gigs and having a sort of ‘mini bootcamp’ experience full of games and quizzes and some wonderful social evenings.

This above idea seems particularly beneficial for anyone traveling from abroad to be in Wales for a late summer (official) SSiW Bootcamp and want to extend their stay to include the Eisteddfod.

But all the best accommodation in the Eisteddfod area, usually gets booked up pretty sharpish, usually long before the previous year’s festival has even begun.

Self catering accommodation suitable for large groups get booked up even quicker, because of there being many companies/institutions/organisations having stalls at the Eisteddfod and needing to accommodate their staff/volunteers.

So to all intents and purposes it’s already too late to organise anything for this year’s Eisteddfod. But if you fancy staying in a shared house with other SSiWers for the Eisteddfod week in 2015, then it’s a good idea to begin collecting names NOW and start looking for large self catering properties before they all disappear - seriously, they’re already being booked up! :open_mouth:

Here is where the National Eisteddfod is in 2015 -

And you can find me waffling on about it here -

I’ve already booked a house for our family through the Sykes Cottages company, whom I’ve found particularly useful.

A tip - When looking on the Sykes Cottages website, if the dates for 2015 aren’t yet showing on a property you might be interested in, then for a £35 deposit they will put your name down for that property on a first come first served basis. Then when the prices finally become available for the dates you require, Sykes will call you to quote the price. If at that point you are still interested, they will ask for a full deposit (possibly around £300+ for a large house) with the remainder to be paid usually about 2 months before arrival. If you are no longer interested in that property, then they will refund the initial £35.

I’ve found 4 properties within or up to approximately 30 min drive to the Eisteddfod Maes in Meifod. I’ll give you the link to Sykes and then the reference number for each of the suitable properties I have found. You need to type each reference number in to a box on the top right hand corner of their web page -

Property numbers -

Here are some other accommodation websites - who allow you to search for Welsh-speaking owners

BUT, as I mentioned before, I’m guessing that the most desirable properties (especially those nearest the Maes) won’t hang around for long. :wink:

DebW12 has already shown an interest in coming over from the states for that week and doing an SSiW house share… is anyone else interested?

If so, then please give this some serious consideration right now and see if you can make a commitment - after all, when it comes down to Eisteddfod accommodation - you snooze, you loose! :wink:

If interested then please use this thread to express your interest and discuss plans, and please note that a deposit will be required from all involved to secure your place - I’m guessing that this is the only fair way to do it.

I’m willing to help with the organising if needed - just let me know!

Just found another possibility -

This is a brilliant idea. I’m going to give it that serious consideration you mention…

This sounds great, Catrin. I’d really like to see the Eisteddfod but can’t go at all this year. I would find it difficult to be there all the week but would be very interested in a few days there, perhaps towards the end of the week, in the company of other SSiWers. Might even have finished Cwrs 3 by then :slight_smile:

Just giving this thread a bump! :wink:

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Carry on Camping…what is that in Cymraeg? Parhau gwersylla? Whatever , welo’ch yn calon y gwlad haf nesa (Maes B)

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And yet one more site for self-catering accomodation:
(This is the one I have used when we have vacationed there in the past … when we could afford it!)

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Diolch Sionned for that information! Great to have another link, :slight_smile: