Falling behind

Hi. I’ve fallen quite a bit behind ( it must be a month at least) and I’m not sure what to do. I think I need a time-out to catch up and get back into a routine. I’m not sure how to do this. What’s the protocol?

If you’re on one of the courses (6-min a day or 6 month) where you get extra tasks, just send an email to admin@saysomethingin.com and ask for a ‘pause’. Then you can go back one or two steps (no need to start from scratch, just go over a couple to get you back in the swing when you’re ready) :slight_smile:

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Or you can just keep working through the content for each week via your control panel - no need to worry about the timing, or whether or not you ‘catch up’ - just keep on going, at whatever pace seems good to you… :slight_smile:

Just to clarify a point . . .
If I get a month in arrears with my weekly tasks, my ‘official’ last month will be over when I’m starting my ‘actual’ last month. In that case would I be excluded from the Slack “6/6 Support” workspace, or do I continue to have access to it?

You’d continue to have access to it… :slight_smile:

Sorry for bothering you, directly, Aran. I should have looked more carefully at everything, all the information you put out, before panicking! I am so glad to find others who have fallen behind. I am a six minuter and it seems pathetic not to be able to find just six minutes a day. I’ve been ashamed to admit it which is stupid! I’m about as far behind as you are, Stephen. Have you, or has anyone else who has been struggling, got any tips for how to catch up.
When school starts things get much easier. I test my 7 year old grand daughter on her English spellings and she tests me on my Welsh vocabulary! She’s not at a Welsh school so only has a couple of Welsh lessons a week. Even so, she does better on the vocabulary than I do!
Hayley, Annie

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You’re not alone Angela. No need to withdraw your post!