Facetime/Skype chats

I had my first Facetime chat with a fellow learner this week and found it very useful (Diolch yn fawr Sara!) although it has made me realise I get quite nervous when attempting to speak Welsh! Sara seemed far more comfortable than me even though I think we’re probably around the same level in terms of how far we are into the courses.

It was a great experience though and something I’m keen to keep up as I definitely need the practice! Myself and Sara are going to try and chat regularly now but I’d like to find another chat partner for some extra practice so if anyone is interested let me know!

Thank you, Tzevai!

I think you were just a bit more nervous because you have had fewer opportunities to practise. The more you do, the less weird it will seem. Hope you manage to find some more practice partners as well.

It definitely helped - I’m ok at understanding and listening, just need to work on responding a bit better :slight_smile: Looking forward to our next chat - when did we say? I was in a bit of a daze at the end sorry and the connection stuttered a bit!

I don’t think we fixed a time. I’m up to the in-laws in Criccieth on Tuesday (but of course can still FaceTime from there) - I’ll PM you and we’ll arrange something…

This is big-step-forward material right here - anyone who develops a regular conversation schedule will turn themselves into a genuinely confident speaker…:slight_smile: Llongyfarchiadau to both of you! :seren:

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