Exeter Welsh Chat for Learners / Grŵp Sgwrsiau Cymraeg De Gorllewin Lloegr

I’m looking to establish a group who want to chat in Welsh with each other in South West England. Any level of learner would be welcome and speaking in English would of course be fine.
Dwi isio sefydlu grwp sgwrsiau Cymraeg yn De Gorllewin Lloegr. Neith unrhyw safon o Gymraeg yn iawn.
Any interest or if a group already exists please do reply!

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Hi Steffan,
I live in Bovey Tracey so Exeter would be great! Keep me posted,

Hi Steffan
I’d be really keen to meet in Exeter as the group that’s currently listed as taking place at The White Hart no longer exists, as far as I’m aware. I’d prefer somewhere in the city centre if possible, as I don’t drive much.
However, I may not be able to join in at the outset, as my husband is terminally ill. I started the 6-month course a couple of months ago, but have had to put it on hold at present. I WILL resume it when I can though!
Please keep me posted.
Diolch yn fawr.

Hiya Steffan,

I live in Newton Abbot and am desperate to chat with other learners face to face. I’ve just finished the Six month SSi course and am working my way through Level 3. I work away quite a bit but would come any time I could.

Please keep me posted.


Steffan, moved to near Crediton from West Wales. Interested in your group but it depends when it is. Please keep me posted. Anne

Hi Steffan, I’m in Torquay, but to be honest I use a wheelchair full-time, so getting anywhere has its challenges, but Id like to see this thread develop, it’d be great to see a group in the area.

Hi Steffan
I would be definitely be interested in a south west meet up. I live in Taunton and am currently half way through level 1 and need to start to practice with living breathing people. Look forward to seeing what develops from this thread :grinning:

Annwyl Rachel, Richard, Anne, Claire, Sandra and Sarah.
I’ve just been away cycling the coast to coast route in Devon and I returned to this great response, fantastic!
How about we start discussing places and dates?
We seem to be communicating in English so I’ll continue if that’s OK, feel free to reply in Welsh.
I had the idea of monthly meetings to chat and practice speaking Welsh, maybe with some fun vocabulary quizzes set as optional homework?
Anyway, would a weekend work best for people or are weekdays OK?
Let’s start with that.
Diolch pawb

Hi Steff
Weekdays would work best for me, but I could probably manage weekends if necessary.

I’m happy to try and fit in with whatever works for everyone, so no strong opinion!

Thanks for the replies again. I’m about to start back at school for a new term but I’m thinking I’ll just post up a time and a place on a week day evening coming up soon and we’ll see how we go from there. I think it’s best just to go for it.
I’ll post very soon once I’ve figured out a free evening.
How exciting!

Thanks for mentioning this. I’ve sent a message to the contact person to confirm that I should remove it from the newsletter. I try to keep it up to date, but I rely on people to let me know when there are changes.

Dear All
How about Samuel Jones (an appropriately Welsh surname) on the Quay? Parking could be at Haven Banks carparks and walk across the river bridge or in the Quay NCP. It avoids the centre of the city nicely too. I will be there (with a colleague of mine potentially) on Thursday 19th September from 6.30pm and I’ll stay until around 7.30pm.
If you fancy coming along please do so.
Gobeithio bydd rhywun’n medru dod. Welai chi yna.

Sorry, I have double booked myself. It’s now Friday 20th, same venue. I’ll be there from around 6.45pm until around 7.45pm.
I’ll be sat on the sofas, I’ll have a Cofiwch Dryweryn T shirt on.

I will try to be there, but it will depend on how my husband is.

I live in Exmouth and have got to the end of level 1 but have never spoken with anyone in Welsh yet. Would it be possible for me to meet up with this group please? Jane

Hi Jane, I’ve spoken very little, so there might long silences! :wink: I’m not sure if this is still going ahead, as there hasn’t been much response.

Jane, yes of course! Do come along!

Dear All
I am completely determined to get this off the ground! Anybody and everybody is welcome. I will be in the Samuel Jones pub on the quay at 6.45pm and I will stay until around 7.30pm, later if people turn out. I’ll be wearing the ‘Cofiwch Dryweryn’ T shirt and will hopefully sit on the sofas somewhere. If you want to come along and have very little Welsh that’s absolutely fine, we will be more than happy to chat in English about the language and learning Welsh. If you want to speak some Welsh then come along and go for it!
How exciting!
I was also wondering about getting together to watch Wales play in the World Cup if anyone is interested. That’s to be discussed I guess.
See as many of you as canc ome along on Friday evening.

Sorry, I’m not going to be able to make this meeting.