Exeter Meet-up

We meet up once every two weeks on a Monday Evening at 7.30pm for an hour to hour and a half. We are trying a new venue next time as we found our previous venue too noisy. The new venue is White Hart in South Street. The next meeting is 27 October 2014. There are four learners ( North and South Welsh) and a Welsh speaker but we could do with a few more people as often some people can’t make it.

I’m sure Dee will flag this up in the next email - a change of venue is always a chance to give it a bit more attention - fingers crossed we’ll help find some more people for you :sunny:

Thanks Aran. :blush:

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We are meeting tomorrow night at White Hart, South Street, Exeter. At 7.30pm. Please come along - everyone welcome.

It looks like everyone is busy elsewhere on Monday so no Exeter Meetup but will try again in a fortnight.

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