Exciting new Welsh subscription packages available - initial limited offer only!

Here at the SSiW HQ, we’re in the process of testing something new, in an attempt to help even more people become confident Welsh speakers. These changes are partly driven by some of the adaptations we’ve had to make in Coronavirus times, and partly by feedback from our learners over the last couple of years about other things they’d like from us.

The subscription choices we’re currently offering will stay in place as they are, but we’ve decided to add two new, exciting layers.

Here’s how it’s going to work out:

We’re going to be adding two new layers to our subscription offer. The core subscription will stay at £10 a month, but there’s also going to be a £35 a month option and a £100 a month option - which allows us to offer a whole bunch of extra fun things.

We’re going to be calling them Silver (£10), Gold (£35) and ‘One in a Million’ (£100) - you’ll see why we’ve gone for that last name when you have a look at what’s in that package. (One of the fun bits we like most is that the higher priced packages let you give a lower priced package to a friend for free, which is something we’ve had SO many people ask about over the years.)

One slight problem, though - we’re not entirely sure how much time it’s going to take us to do all the things we’ve promised for the higher packages. So we’re going to roll this out carefully, to make sure we don’t get overloaded.

That means right now, we’ve only got 100 Gold memberships available, and 50 ‘One in a Million’ memberships. When those have gone, we’re going to pause advertising again for a while to let us figure out how much time needs to go into them, and see if we can carry on advertising them, or if we need to remove some of the fun stuff.

If you’d like to have a look at what’s on offer for the different levels, you can see all the details at: https://discover.saysomethingin.com/welsh3c

Catrin included an announcement on this new development in our weekly email newsletter, and as a result places have already started selling. If you aren’t already subscribed to our weekly newsletter, but would like to be so that you can get details of our news, events and other items of interest, you can sign up here:



How do we sign up
When I follow the link it says ‘you’re already signed up’. :frowning:


Hi @caroline-18

If you’ve already got a current subscription, email us at admin@saysomethingin.com and we can move you over to whichever new subscription package you’d like to have and get your account updated. Hope that helps!

Diolch! I thought my phone was having one of those days.


no, don’t worry, it’s not you! :grin: eventually we’ll have the ability for people to be able to upgrade via their account page, but as this is a trial, we’re doing things manually at present. So it’s definitely us at the moment :wink:

Cool. I’ve pinged on an email.

great! It’ll probably be next week, as the ‘office’ is closed over the weekend, but we’ll move you over as soon as we can. Your current subscription won’t be affected in the meantime, so you’ll still be able to access the challenges and Slack. We’ll be in touch!