Excited to one working o the challengMal working with Aran on the Bobsled Run

I am really looking forward to the challenges Aran has designed I know I will benefit hughly . I am late with this forum entry because the e-mail arrived after I had left home to go to the theatre to see Hamlet. In readiness I will be contacting a friend in Watford a first language Welsh speaker as advised by Aran. I have lived in England for over 50 years so I do not come into contact with Welsh speakers,however, I am aware of a couple of SSIW groups in other locations so I can but that problem to bed.
Aran bring it on!


Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you, Mal! :star2:

Hi Aran, My darling wife did not make life easy for me, I found it a different ball game translating Welsh in writing, any way here goes:

Helo Mal, O! ti’n colli fi bron achos dw’n ar fin mynd mas.
Pam?, ble wyt’n bwiadu mynd yna?
Dw’n myn I’r theatr.
Ok beth wyt ti’n mynd I weld?
Hamlet, dw’n caru unrhyw beth I gyd fynd a Shakespare.
O dda, dwi’n gobeithio y byddet ti enjoyo (fwnhau)
Hwyl nawr a ddiolch am ofyn

Please treat me gently! because I never enjoyed grammer in English never mind Cymraeg

you were correct my wife enjoyed writing the simple dialogue and i was nice to envolve her in my quest to speak Cymraeg. (well i did marry beneath myself in marrying n English girl) I will of course deny I ever said that!

I am currently enjoying Gwers 25 level 2 together with the early challenges of level 3. I have decided to spend more time watching S4C on line and having Radio Cymru in the background when doing stuff in my office or playroom as margaret likes to call it!!

i consider it a priviledge to be able to work with you like this, felly byddwn i trio gwieithio yn galed

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That’s a superb effort, Mal… well done! :star2:

Diolch am y comments caredig, unwaith eto

I had great fun with the dialogue my wife wrote yesterday, Margaret does not speak Cymraeg but loves to sing in Welsh because Cymraeg is phonetic so she was able to read the parts as requested.The hardest past for me was remembering my lines. Just to rub it in I was prompted by my beautiful mono linguist cariad.
I felt good adding the the intonation when play acting because reading it I would sound flat .At the end of our little bit of acting I realised that having Cymraeg jn your face is very good for me and not run away from throwing myself in the deep end when I get the chance.
Following your earlier e-mail i dived into L3 lesson 8 and I lived on the pause button, something I normally avoid. I must get get to grips wiyh dros and ar gyfer.
That was a challenge but I have come out of it more determined than ever to “dros y bont”

Aran, would it be possible to talk nicely to your autosponder to send the challenge earlier in the day? At 73 I am much sharper in the morning!! Ond dim problem os nad hynny yn bosibl,
Hwyl am yfory

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Sorry, Mal - I don’t think there’s any way for us to change the send time - but feel free to take a day’s pause and then start bright and early with the previous day’s email… :slight_smile:

Hi Aran, .the challenge sounds simple and the concept is but it is so effective and exciting! I have spent all day listening to English sentences from family, friends and various media. When I translated it correctly I jumped in the air like an excited child, but when I got it back to front for example I remembered your advice and laugh and enjoy your mistakes. That does not come naturally to me as I am a perfectionist so that is some turn around. I will continue to do this challenge for the foreseeable future because it makes me fell good even when I get it wrong. Of course by picking up sentences and translating them my head I am begin8ng to think in Cymraeg. That for the first time makes me believe I am a Welsh speaker at last!!! Mind you I meeting first language speakers monthly in Watford who are very helpful but they have been out of Wales for a very long time and consider my De Cymru dialect to be slang, I retort with its my cutting edge Welsh and I love it. I certainly would not go back to my CDs and grammar books that would never lead me to the promised land (Cymry wrth Gwrs) I have never felt better having struggled with a serious plateau but SSIW advice got me through it. So once again bring it on Aran!!!

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Brilliant, Mal - you’re doing superbly - and it’s even more impressive since you’re a perfectionist, because perfectionists usually have an incredibly difficult time letting go in the way this kind of work forces you to… :star: :star2: Dal ati! :slight_smile:

Hi Aran, Enjoyed the challenge! My Welsh speaking friend in Watford gave me the “thumbs up”, I will be going on the forum for help to move my practice sentences from my newly opened account with Soundcloud. The 5 min practice seems a good place to go and be more ambitious with my dialogue. Ok do your worst with the next challenge!!!

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Good work, Mal! You’re clearing every fence with ease so far… :star: :star2: