;eve; 2 challenge 9

This might be a daft question but it is baffling me a bit. he sentence is ‘they told us they didn’t want to explain’. I’m hearing something that sounds like ‘na gnhw’ sorry for the spelling. Please can someone help. Sorry for any typos but I have advanced cataracts. Really enjoying the challenges. may thanks for any help.

@christine-33 there are no daft questions, and you can be sure it’s something that puzzles others. The sentence is dwedon nhw wrthon ni nag ŷn nhw’n moyn esbonio - it’s a linking “that they didn’t” form in the middle.

Thank you so much. It makes a lot more sense to me now… I listened to it over and over and didn’t recognise the combination. Again, thank you its very much appreciated.

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