Erthygl: Wales & the Deep South

Hi pawb!

Here’s the article I’ve written. It contains significantly less about welsh learners and more of my own personal story. However, I think this only the beginning, a foot in the door so to speak, and I’d really like to do more with learners in the future. Thanks to everyone I spoke to. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

Diolch am ddarllen, meddwl am ei rannu fo!

You seem to have forgotten the article ;).

And of course, the link:

Thanks Chris :slight_smile:

I enjoyed reading that, Trey!!! If I might ask who’s your friend in Pen-Y-Groes as I may know them? I worked in the local paper factory for several years and visit the village to see a great number of friends there several times a year…

Just finished reading the article. Makes a lot of sense.

That’s a really interesting, well-written piece, Trey - diolch for sharing…:star:

Hi Dinas!

My friend lives in Caerfyrddin now, and then think his family is originally from Llanelli. His father was a minister and was working in North Wales at the time. PM if you want his name :slight_smile:

Glad y’all enjoyed it.