Error Report: There is an empty page on Day 4

I’m getting an empty page. There is a Javascript error “TypeError: e.position(…) is undefined”.
I hope this is temporary. For now, I guess, this is the end of my journey.

I think you have to wait a little longer until you get the email, then the content will be unlocked. I did my 1 Sentence challenge thru emails only, however, so maybe you’ll have to wait for somebody more knowledgeable if the waiting doesn’t work.

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Thanks for the reply.

I did receive the email when I had this issue. But anyways I have it back again.

The full history for reference:

  1. After day 3 I proceeded to day 4 when it showed with the content, and closed the laptop (laptop in hibernation)
  2. The next day I wanted to proceed and playing the audio did not start anything
  3. Reloading resulted into above issue.
  4. I tried following:
    :x: refreshing page
    :x: clearing cache and refreshing page
    :x: logout/login and refresh
    :white_check_mark: deleting the cookies and refreshing page (finally did it)
    Most probably I could have used a different browser (but did not want to…)
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Diolch yn fawr for giving such a detailed error report. That amount of detail really helps when we’re troubleshooting.

I’ve flagged this up to our Tech Developer, who may have been alerted already, but if not this is very useful.

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Cheers for the error report. Could you let me know which browser + version you were using please? :slight_smile:

This issue occurred only once. Even though I did this (coming back from sleep and reload) (*) several times. So, this might have been a weird one off, possibly hard or impossible to reproduce.

Browser: 70.0.1 (64-bit)

(*) coming back from sleep, the audio does, however, not load consistently.