Entirely unnecessary argument which needs to stop here

Enw barddol Owain a dal bod Holltydd Blewynnau :stuck_out_tongue:

No, making sure people on this site have advice about pronunciation from people who have experience of talking in Welsh to people. The whole part of the thread was about whether it is one or two syllables, so that’s rather an odd comment of yours. You don’t feel inclined to learn from it - fine. Let other people do so if they wish.

Incidentally, what do you describe Owain as “barddol”? It is simply a normal, common Welsh name.

Sorry, I don’t follow you. What do you mean?

Ah, I see, you were being insulting.
(I really don’t think it’s a good idea to make up silly insulting names for people. That could get into some very stupid territory.)

Nope, making up insulting names for people you barely know is indeed not a tradition here. I doubt it is Cornwall either.
Reacting to the fact I am saying something different to you by doing it simply shows you don’t like being corrected.
There is nothing wrong with being wrong, or being corrected- simply try not to say things like people “should” do this or that, especially when you have limited experience in talking to people in Welsh. That’s all.


Leave him to it, Bach, you have better things to do with your time! I was raised to believe that ‘you should do this’ was a statement of judgement of what was correct behaviour, but in those days ‘arguably’ meant ‘perhaps’ or ‘possibly’, now it seems to mean ‘pretty certainly’, so if English changes so fast, heaven help my Welsh!

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No idea what h.dd means (and it doesn’t matter!) but as long as people realise it’s two syllables in careful speech, but some/many people and some/many circumstances mean it can sound various degrees of closeness to one (as is the case for any two vowels, really), but either is fine, then that’s fine by me and hopefully we can leave it at that.

(Just from my experience over the years talking to people in Welsh.)

Please consider this fair warning

This kind of exchange is not acceptable on the SSiW forum.

Since private discussions haven’t got us where we need to be, further examples of this petty bickering will result in temporary bans.

You brought up what English word you thought it was derived from. I responded to that.
I think they are different words, but if you are as tired of this conversion as I have suddenly become, that’s fine by me.

I agree. Thw purpose of this forum is to foment the study and use of the Welsh language and should not descend into bickering.

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Sian credu fy mod in darllen hon!

Sain credu!