Enjoying level 1

I have been learning Spanish for about 5 years on and off since buying a small apartment over there. I’ve been to evening classes and tried listening to a bit of Michel Thomas. I’ve found that when in Spain I’ve been able to ask for things but Im not good at understanding when they reply to me.
My daughter suggested I try say something in as she is well into the Welsh one. I went through the first 10 challenges quite quickly, found the next 6 a lot more challenging and then the next 4 easier.
When doing the challenges I find that I’m answering without thinking about it sometimes which I’ve never done before so something seems to be working! I’m back to Spain in a fortnight ready to try out my new conversation skills!

That sounds as though you’re off to a fantastic start, Jean, many congratulations! :star:

I’ll look forward to hearing how your next trip to Spain goes :sunny: