Endearing terms for a grumpy person

I am working on a story about a group of people who care about each other, and one of whom is often fussy/irritated, especially when waking up.
I’d like to have one or more characters playfully refer to their mood - similar to how in English someone might be called a grumpy bear or Mr Cranky-pants.


Mistar Pwdu?


Maybe yr hen ffwdan (the old fuss) ?


I think that would work well, thanks!

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Thanks! This will fit quite nicely :slight_smile: I could see it being used to try and get someone to smile.

Mistar Monni … would be a lovely alliteration.

I thought only Northern Mid Walians used monni for sulking … but a few lads in Y Bala said it was familiar when I was overfretting whether to use llyncu mul or pwdu haha…its probably a gog word afterall

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I came across the word delwi “to mope” in Gairglo yesterday - not one I’d heard before, but if past experience is anything to go by, it will probably start popping up everywhere now :laughing:

Yes… not commonly heard but I love it

delwi from delw

mynd fel delw - move like a statue/effigy (motionless)

Mope / Moping in this sense regards being sullen and near motionless/frozen … nowadays people would possibly refer to it as a “depressed state/ melancholic state/lethargic”


That is very interesting how sulking is tied in with ideas of being melancholy.

I’ve started learning a bit more about it because I was recently reintroduced to Albrecht Duhrer’s Melancholia II etching, which I’d seen once as a teenager and it made a really strong impression. But I forgot the name of it until a few months ago, so am diving into it between other projects.

Melancholia II

It seems like when melancholy was personified historically, it was usually depicted like that - someone staring off into the distance, the most unhappy they could possibly be.

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Well…I have never seen a happy sulker I suppose!

Did melancholy not always have the same negative downbeat meaning? The same way awful used to mean awe inspiring in the 1600s?

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