End of level charges

I have fallen a little behind with the last few weeks of level 2 owing to family illness. Im trying hard to catch up now. My weekly sessions no longer arrive
In my inbox but i am still being charged.
Why am i not getting level 3?
Have i finished, if so why the charges

The course with the weekly emails only covers Levels 1 & 2, but the subscription covers all the material including Level 3, the older course material, and the Advanced Listening exercises, so it sounds like you’ve reached the end of the Level 2 and as there are no weekly emails at Level 3, you can just access that in your own time and go at your own pace.

If you don’t want to continue to Level 3 or utilise any of the other material, you can of course cancel your subscription (just email admin@saysomethingin.com )

Thank you Siaron. How do I access level 3 and the older and adv listening material?

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At the top right of any forum page you should see the word ‘Learn’ - click on that and at the bottom of the page it will give you options to click for Level 3 and the ‘old’ course material. To get to the advanced listening exercises, click on the ‘Learn’ at the top with the little arrow and choose ‘Advanced content’.

That’s how it appears to me on a pc - it may or may not be different on a phone (I’ve never accessed it on a phone and can’t remember what others have said), but if you are using a phone and can’t see it, just say and I’m sure someone who does use a phone will be able to point you in the right direction.

Unless the app has changed since I last updated it, it should say “Level 2” at the top left of the screen. Click on that and you’ll get a drop down menu to choose which level you want

@gill-leach @siaronjames actually there IS an email course that accompanies Level 3, if you want to do it. It’s called the Deep End, and you’ll find the link to register in that course in your final Level 2 email.

If you’d prefer to just work on Level 3 independently, that’s fine of course, and while you’re a paying subscriber, you’re still very welcome to come into the SSiW Community Chat and join the online group sessions there.


Thanks for this Deborah. I think some serious revision of levels 1 and 2 are in order first. After that i will take a deep breath and plunge into level 3.
Wish me luck.

@gill-leach what some people find useful before tackling Level 3 is to have a run through some of the original (old) course material. A lot is revision, but there are also new words and structures and some useful vocabulary units, so that’s another option.

You can find the link to those by going to ‘Learn’ then ‘Challenges’ and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.