End of Lesson 6.2 Success

I’m English living in S. Wales with a Welsh family and out of interest of language and the Welsh loose connection to Cornish I have been learning Welsh in the car on my hourly commute.

Well post lesson 6.2 success! A recent trip to Bewtys-Y-Coed for my fiancees bday i had a go at actually speaking in Welsh. The response was overwhelming people were so pleased and impressed and one lady even said i have some kind of S.Wales thing going on.

So DIOLCH SSIW im really enjoying it/

Only gripe…I find trying to unravel how some complex sounding words or phrases are actually made up regarding pronunciation:
‘speak more slowly please’ in lesson 7
I had to use google to get this: ‘siarad yn arafach’

Now i can see the words i find i can say the phrase better.



That’s a huge success, llongyfarchiadau! :seren:

Sounds as though you’d find the lesson content material useful, under ‘Learn’…:smile:

But the more you trust your ears, the better your accent will end up, even if you have the odd hiccup on the way.