Encouragment please!

So I’ve been away from the forum and the lessons for what feels like an age. It’s actually a few months in which I’ve been busy travelling (which was nice), studying for my chemistry exam (not very nice at all) and also working out some personal matters (very nice but demanding).

This eventful time has now come to an end, culminating in an exam that didn’t go well and left me very unmotivated. Now I suddenly have all this free time again which always makes me feel a bit lost. If you don’t want to listen to me ranting this would be a good time to stop reading…

The studying was actually nice, chemistry was always my favourite subject and I was very happy to find my concentration working better than ever. I was doing this to improve my grades to have a better chance at getting in to uni. I want to study psychology which just have to be one of the toughest courses to get in to in all of Norway. So you can understand that I was nervous during my oral exam, they didn’t though, and thought I was insecure about the actual subject instead. So I didn’t get a good result and I have no better chance of getting in this year then I did last year. This prompted quite the strong emotional reaction in me.

I’ve been exhausted since I was 17, this year I turn 25, that’s a long time. My body doesn’t deal well with stress and for the last few years I’ve been working so hard towards getting better and it’s been a long, slow process, but just this year I’ve been really feeling the rewards, how it’s all paying of and how I’m doing better than ever. I know I’m ready to go back to studying now and get on with my life, so not being able to improve my chances at that was quite crushing.

I still have a plan of what to do if I don’t get in this year and I know things are gonna be fine, but it was really nice to vent. I know this had very little to do with Welsh but it’s such a supporting forum and it’s just really nice to release some frustration.
You could really help me with some encouragement though (if you want something, you have to ask for it right?)! Not having done Welsh in so long has made me feel a bit disconnected from the whole thing :open_mouth: :open_mouth: and I only have 5 lessons left to finish course 2!


Ugh, that sounds like a real kick in the teeth - I’m sorry you’ve had a tough time of it.

Good to hear that you’ve got a plan, though - there’s plenty of good material that shows that people who take responsibility and set goals after a disappointment do far, far better than people who let the disappointment set limits for them. From everything I’ve seen of you, I’m sure you’ll find a way to keep on building towards where you want to be.

With the Welsh - can I recommend two things? One, that you revisit Lessons 24 and 25 of Course 1, and lessons 18 and 19 of Course 2 - and two, that you revisit them altogether, in one session, without any use of the pause button, to try and create that genuine ‘standing behind a jet engine’ feel…:slight_smile:

I think it will show you that far more Welsh than you’re probably expecting is still in there ready to come out as soon as you wake it up a bit, and I think it will also show you that you can rattle through plenty of sessions in a single day and then, if need be, take a while off again…:slight_smile:

If you give it a shot, I’d love to hear how you get on - and I’d love to hear how you get on if you try a different way of getting back in the water…:slight_smile:

Welcome back, Marie. I hope you enjoy getting back into Welsh and that doing so gives you a good emotional ‘lift’ – especially since your achievements with it are under your control, and not dependent on how anyone else judges you. :slight_smile:

:hugs: given your amount of sheer talent and determination I’m pretty sure whatever reality you embrace is going to be better than any dream you miss, but I know that doesn’t sound so great if you feel forced to give up a dream because, duh, who wants to give up on dreams? But you know what they say… aim for the Moon and if you don’t get there at least you’ll have a rocket ship and I’m pretty sure no one messes with a girl with her own rocket ship.

Hope you can make some time to keep doing things that relax you (and finish course 2 because you’ve totally already got this one in the bag!) Xx

whatever reality you embrace is going to be better than any dream you miss

Ooh, that’s my new motto for this year :seren:

All of the above Marie. With regards to the Welsh I had to have an enforced break and I was really surprised at how quickly it came back. Good Luck!

Ditto above :slight_smile:
I understand the body-stress issue, so I am going to change jobs (again!) to something simple.
The Welsh thing couldn’t be simpler:- the lessons are there, just absorb them!
Imo a routine helps…

First of all, may I commiserate with you on your disappointing exam experience. As a retired physicist, I am at a loss to see what possible benefit or relevance an oral exam can have in the field of Chemistry - at any level. I appreciate, however, that criticising your country’s examination system may not offer the encouragement you deserve so I’ll turn to your strength in dealing with such a prolonged, debilitating condition. You must be proud of that.

Resuming your enjoyment of the Welsh language will, I’m sure be a real therapy for you as it has been for me and many others. You may be stretched but you’ll never be “unmotivated”. :slight_smile:

Croeso nol

Wise words, Huw and also, Marie, speaking as someone who still remembers the battering they got in an oral chemistry exam over 40 years ago, I do sympathise deeply with you. Let’s hope in 40 years you’ll have forgotten it :slight_smile:

The great thing about learning Welsh, I think, is that sticking with it will pretty much give you a small victory every day and if that means today’s even marginally better than yesterday then you’re winning.

The new course 1 is really enjoyable and worth a try too, no matter how far you’re through the old course. Even that ear worm of an intro tune, Mr Jones!!! I’ve had to rinse my head with Anweledig just to cope.

Amy: aim for the Moon and if you don’t get there at least you’ll have a rocket ship and I’m pretty sure no one messes with a girl with her own rocket ship.

Yes! This is my new favourite variant of that saying. :smiley:

The previous favourite was this:

As I seem to have posted on a number of threads already, I have just come back to Welsh after a similar break, which also caused me to feel disconnected from the language and community. However, having started the language again 2 weeks ago, I have been amazed at the extent to which the material has stuck. I went right back to the start of Course 1 (having originally got to the start of Course 2) and found that I was able to go right through to Lesson 20 without using the pause button once. Lesson 20 muddled me a little with all the “Will she have…?” and “Will we need…?” but this worked out second time through.

Further to this, when I returned to the forum a couple of days ago, Aran connected back with me immediately and I already feel reconnected again. You are therefore right to come here looking for some encouragement. You already have loads of comments on this thread and, as you engage with the language and forum again, like me you will rapidly feel that you are reconnecting.

Diolch o galon pawb!

I’m really overwhelmed so many of you lovely people took the time to leave such lovely and encouraging words.

@Aran That sounds like a nice challenge to kick of my new immersion into Welsh, only problem is I have to wait until Monday to try it to have enough time. I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile: And thank you for always being supporting.

@Diane Thank you, and yes, that is indeed a nice comfort :slight_smile:

@ AmyJ Diolch! You are really good with words and wisdom :slight_smile: I loved that. If you ever come across a t-shirt with a rocket on it that has the Welsh for “rocket” on it as well, let me know, cause I must have that! <3

@Andy Thank you, that’s always encouraging to hear, it’s happened to me in the past as well so I have faith!

@Gary Pob lwc with the new job, hope it gives you what you need. Glad to hear you are taking care of yourself, it really is the most important thing we can do.

@Huw The criticism is welcome, always glad to know someone shears my opinion :slight_smile: And thank you, I am proud, but sometimes I wish they gave out diplomas for these sorts of things :slight_smile:

@Andy I’m very good at remembering things and events so it’s unlikely I’ll forget :stuck_out_tongue: but hopefully the significance has faded! You’re very spot on about all the little victories of learning Welsh, the road is littered with good feelings :slight_smile: (although sometimes I get greedy…) I’ll take your advice as well and go through the new lessons :slight_smile:

@Kinetic Loved it! :smiley:

@WelshSpringbok thank you, posting originally might have left me feeling a bit vulnerable(…) :slight_smile: so it’s nice to be reminded that this is what the forum is all about, and I’m not the only one.

Great to hear that you’re back off to such a flyer, Mr Bok! :wink:

Marie, you’ve always been a wonderful contributor to the forum - we love having you around, and if the community here can give back a little of the love and support that you’ve always given to others, then it’s great for us to have the chance.

If you ever come across a t-shirt with a rocket on it that has the Welsh for “rocket” on it as well, let me know

If I were you, I’d look meaningfully at Jon (cwmgoch) about that - if he did a rocket girl design in Welsh, we could stick it up on a T-shirt site in a couple of minutes…:slight_smile: