Elis James: 'Nabod y Teip

Noswaith dda! A newbie’s first attempt at creating a forum topic here. Has anyone been watching 'Nabod y Teip? It’s a new comedy series by Elis James (who played the teacher in Y Wers Gymraeg – also worth a watch on YouTube if you haven’t seen it). This week’s episode was on soap operas: Pobol y Cwm, Rownd a Rownd, and Dinas. Very Welsh, very funny, and English subtitles available on S4C Clic and BBC iPlayer for us learners. (I’m 12 weeks into SSiW and loving it.)



And a warm welcome to the forum!.. :slight_smile:

I’m a big fan of Elis James’s stuff, but I haven’t seen this one yet… you’re doing brilliantly if you’re picking up any of it after just 12 weeks… :slight_smile:

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Diolch @aran, the northern voice in my head. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I’m picking up a little and getting my ear tuned in better. Those strange chipmunks listening exercises are definitely doing something… :thinking:

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Ooh, thanks for the tip. I have been listening to his radio programme: Dwy Iaith, Un Ymennydd (two languages, one brain) on BBC Sounds, where he talks to other Welsh speakers, particularly those living in England, about being bilingual, bringing up their children bilingual etc. I find his voice pretty easy to follow and the discussions have been fascinating.


I watched the one about the Welsh Mother. The sketch where he is given far too much to eat reminded me of a certain visit to aunts in Pembrokeshire. I was uncertain about watching comedy programmes because I thought that they would be incomprehensible and much too fast. Not at all. He speaks really clearly. I didn’t understand all of it, but I understood enough to find it funny.


I still struggle understanding Elis’ speech (c/w listening to other speakers on Radio Cymru for example) but persevere as he is genuinely hilarious. That sketch with the food was just so true - I actually have to plan my diet to account for visits to/from family…

Definitely one for me to watch as well! Diolch yn fawr!