Elinors bobsled

So week one was interesting I was not very far into the South course 1 only on gwers 8. I keep putting it down for a couple of weeks and then going back to it and doing the same lesson over and over.

I was a bit worried about it since after paying to do the bobsled read a thread which recommended doing it after completing this course. But as ever I’m stubborn so will give this the best go I can.

So lesson one was gwers 9. I think it went well I remembered a lot of the introduced patterns from school.

Challenge 1, I felt strange going into work all week saying prynhawn da to all my work mates. I got some weird looks until I explained and at least two people responded with the same. Not bad going as I live in Basingstoke.

Onto week 2 now I guess… Gwers 10

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Croeso a diolch!! I really laughed!! Cymru conquers Basingstoke!! Revenge at last!! :laughing: :sunny:

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