Elfdalian, derived from Old Norse -- preservation help with Minecraft

Elfdalian has help being preserved by Minecraft.

If you read the article, the bit about using a videogame’s questing system to learn a language is reaaaal fascinating.

I first learned about Elfdalian last year, I believe… Although I first learned that runes were still used by some Swedes in ~1900 some years ago. Didn’t realise it was Elfdalian and the Elfdalian people who were writing it!

It’s a fascinating language, and for anyone interested in North Germanic languages and minority languages in general, take a look at the link.

Happy learning :slight_smile:

PS: Maybe it’s time we get SSiElfdalian!


And Minecraft! :slight_smile: The game offers so many languages that no any other game I can remember of. At the beginning of my learning Welsh I’ve switched to Welsh in the game but then I did some big distruction by using something I didn’t understand what it is and the world blew off … (well, not literally but major part of where I was did). It also has Manx (Gaelg), Kornish (Kernewek), Latin and some I can’t even read as I do not have scripts in my PC. And it offers Slovene too, of course. There must be more though as I still have very old 1.8.1 version but now 1.11 is out already.

Then on Quizlet appears to have Elfdalian (if this is it, I don’t know). I actually searched for Elfdalian and found this:

It appears more Japanese to me though. So has it Memrise https://www.memrise.com/course/272226/basic-elfdalian/

Good luck with learning.

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The letters are Korean.

Given the snippet “In a remote part of Sweden…” at the bottom left, perhaps those are cards about Elfdalian, in Korean.

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You have top search for Älvdalska check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msVZb0GZ6VA (it is mixed with Swedish, but after 5 sec they speak älvdalska.
You can also look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Zgg0Ns0NhM

Impossible to understand even for good Swedish speakers.