¡el primer puesto español! (Introducing myself - Gavin)

Just thought I would be the first to post on this shiny new Spanish forum!
I’m Gavin, and I am a regular on the SaySomethinginWelsh forum. Having learned Spanish in school for GCSE, and subsequently forgetting much of what I learned there, I am now also following the SaySomethinginSpanish course.

I will be happy to help anyone who would like any help with the Spanish course, up to as far as I am in the course, and also with anything that I can help with here, so please feel free to ask!

I will be looking forward to meeting other Spanish learners here in time!

Good man, thanks for helping break the ice… :sunny:

Hola to everyone! And I’m here too. I studied Spanish at university rather a while ago now and I was pretty fluent at the time with lots of South American friends (and great parties!!), but a bit rusty now so enjoying the chance to come back up to speed. Happy to give a hand to anyone that needs it.

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I’ll be keeping an eye on this forum too. I’m not actively studying Spanish but I’m interested. My comprehension is pretty good but I’m rather hesitant when speaking and my accuracy is somewhat hit-and-miss - mostly due to never having actually studied the language, so my knowledge is a combination of random disordered bits picked up over the years, and lots of guesswork using French as a base :wink: So exposure to Spanish-related discussion on here would be good!

I’ve lived in Spain for just over eight years and have successfully integrated with the local population, learning Castilian Spanish the “natural” way: no lessons, just speaking and reading it. I have no doubt that I make a great number of errors (particularly in the use of the subjunctive), but I am able to talk about just about anything in the language, so it can’t be all bad! If you think I can help in any way, please feel free to ask (that goes for Dutch, too, as I lived in Dutch-speaking Belgium for 35 years before moving to Spain).


Really appreciate that, David, thank you very much indeed :star:

It’ll be great to have extra input in here as we (fingers crossed!) start to get Spanish learners looking for support :sunny:

Hi, I’m afraid I’m a bird of passage as far as the forum goes - still a bit shaky on the computer, and actually away from home quite a bit. But I have fairly decent Spanish, having taught it for a few years and still use it fairly often with Hispanic friends. And I’ve been using SSIW more or less since it started, so I’m familiar with the style of the course, and obviously like it - in fact I really wish it had been around when I was teaching Spanish. Anyway, I’m happy to try and respond to particular queries, but I’m unlikely to pick up stuff on the forum unless I’m alerted via email. Looking at it now, that sounds pretty useless as a contribution, but I think it fairly reflects my situation. Don’t want to overbid my hand…
Dave Morgan

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Hola Dave!

who very modestly refrains from pointing out that he did a huge amount of volunteer work with the initial couple of Spanish courses, and that his ideas around natural language have played an important part in the development of this method :star2:

Dave, os ti’n mynd yma: http://forum.saysomethingin.com/category/spanish ac yn edrych i’r dde heibio lle mae’n dweud ‘Create topic’ mae 'na fotwm bach glas - clicia ar hynna, a dewis ‘Watching’ a byddi di’n cael ebost bob tro mae 'na gwestiwn yn fan hyn :sunny:

A dylet ti gael neges os dwi’n gwneud fel hyn: @daimorgan :sunny: