Eisteddod poll

A B.B.C poll on whether the Eisteddod should continue to travel. Can’t find English version…


I really don’t know why they carry on asking this question - it’s been done to death for years, and the last committee that was tasked by the government to look at the future of the Eisteddfod was absolutely clear-cut about it needing to travel.

Just as a point of information, it doesn’t look like a BBC poll to me.

Yeah, it’s a Golwg360 poll that’s been put through the good old BBC Vocab translation tool.

Meanwhile, back on topic - I’m 100% in favour of it travelling. Getting to visit different towns that I otherwise wouldn’t is one of the best bits :slight_smile:

Want to see it travel. But if there was a fixed site it should be just outside Caernarfon the true prifdinas.
Thanks to BBC translate I now have hwyluso/facilitate and delfrydol/ideal utopian in my brain…

If it had to be in one place, They were thinking of having it at Tairgwaith, near Ammanford (and within walking distance of my family).

(“They” including Adam Price, Jonathan Edwards and Rhodri Glyn Thomas, the local Present and ex AMs and MPs.)

Like them and others, though, I think it is probably best that it moves around- but if it doesn’t, I don’t necessarily consider Caernarfon my capital! (Or Cardiff, of course!)

Yeah, why do they keep asking this? Of course it should still travel! Angharad Tomos was saying in that article that people don’t leave the maes to visit local establishments (which I’m sure many do), so there’s no point in it travelling. But that’s also ignoring the fact that the hosting area holds many events leading up to the Steddfod for a year or more to engage the local community, which is especially valuable in areas whose connection to the language and culture is waning.

If they gave it a permanent home just outside Aberystwyth I’d be quite pleased. For about three years. And then I’d get bored and stop going, I think.

Keep it moving. If it was’nt for the Eisteddod and Bootcamp I would never ever thought about heading south…There would have been no need to leave the true prifdinas.
Mind you Tu hwnt is’nt that bad…

Some of the most experienced festival organisers in the world gave their very firm opinion in the last round of playing with this question - that it was black and white, the Eisteddfod needs to travel.

The key points were:

The ‘local fundraising’ would not provide the currently extremely important £200k per Eisteddfod if it was in the same place all the time.

The ‘cultural footprint’ of the Eisteddfod (a huge amount of local activities for the two years preceding the Eisteddfod) would stop.

There would be a real risk that regular Eisteddfod goers (who are a hugely important part of the financial equation) who have an annual cycle built around ‘going on holiday to the Eisteddfod’ would change their patterns if they had to change ‘going on holiday’ to ‘going to Aberystwyth/Caernarfon’.

An excuse to go to different parts of Wales is a huge part of “the whole point” for me. and I spend 50% of the time away on the Maes tops, the rest is exploring locally. (Apart from when it’s down the road like this year obviously)

The reasons for travelling all seem very sound to me. I will say, though, that I was shocked during the 2012 Eisteddfod in Bro Morgannwg how little visible impact it was having on the area. We were staying right in Llanilltud Fawr (I think that’s Llantwit Major in English?). Except for the sign outside the Cymdeithas gigs, you’d hardly have known there was a major event in the area. Disappointing.

It can be hit and miss. Denbigh last year was PLASTERED in 'steddfod stuff, not just the banner but themed shop display windows and all sorts. Llanelli town looked okay but not as enthused as that.

I live in the Vale and completely missed the Eisteddfod here. The first time I heard of the Eisteddfod was in Welsh class, so yes, very poorly advertised here.

Though, the Welsh for Adults Centre does reckon there was a significant uptake in learners in the Vale post-Eisteddfod.