It is slowly dawning on me that I need to be doing something about eisteddfod tickets, accomodation, general admin. I would like to perhaps volunteer and go to the SSiW party. I am happy to camp but don’t have any camping gear. So maybe I should try to find other accomodation. Tips anyone?

It’s late to be looking for accommodation (a large percentage of which vanishes within a week of the previous year’s Eisteddfod!) so you might find it more fruitful at this point to try and borrow a tent from someone. Tickets aren’t a problem - you can get them a bit cheaper in advance, usually, but there’ll always be tickets on the door - but the ‘where you rest your sleep head’ bit can be challenging, so you definitely want to try and get it sorted out asap.

If I remember rightly, you will be living in Corris when you’re here? I live about six miles the other side of Machynlleth, nearer to Meifod, and I’m intending to drive in to the Eisteddfod each day. Usually, it would only take me about 40 minutes to get there, but I suppose it will take twice that at Eisteddfod time.

Anyway, if you have trouble with accommodation/ camping, and don’t mind commuting in with me each day, the offer is there. You would just need to get from Corris to Cemmaes Road/Glantwymyn (about 12 miles).

PM me, if you want to discuss.

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Hi Helen,

I may take you up on that kind offer. If I can get a bus there. My other option is to hire a car for a couple of days, in which case, I will make the same offer to you in reverse.

Hi Aran. I wouldn’t only have to borrow a tent. I’d have to borrow a sleeping mat, sleeping bag, stove, lantern, stove, hammer… As I will only have been in Wales a week by that stage, it is probably not easily achievable. And maybe the words ‘happy to camp’ were a moment of misplaced enthusiasm. I should have written I can camp…if absolutely necessary. :slight_smile:

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Hi Helen,

What time, days will you be going to the eisteddfod? I have a car and can get to your place okay. Perhaps we can share petrol/parking costs? Are you going to any of the concerts?

On that note, any recommendations on the concerts? From anyone?

Also, is anyone planning to volunteer in Maes D?

Hi, I am intending to go every day! I am volunteering in Maes D on the first four afternoons and then I want to go every day after that, but I haven’t booked my tickets yet. I do want to stay into the evening on some days and, of course, go to the SSiW party! :smiley:

Are you an early starter? :smile:

I’m conscious that I will be in a new home and a new job. I may not be able to manage to go every day. :frowning:

But I’d be happy to stay for concerts on the days that I go. Do you intend to buy tickets beforehand? Or wait until closer to the time? I definitely want to go to the parti penblwydd.

Hi Helen,

I am volunteering in Maes D on Sunday, Thursday and Friday afternoons. I’m looking forward to meeting you and others when I get there. I will put my name down for the parti penblwydd when the sheet becomes available.

How early will I need to book concerts? Does anyone know? I’m not keen to miss out.

Hi Elizabeth

I know that some of the evening tickets such as Theatr Maldwyn tickets sold out within 15 minutes of them going on sale, so I would suggest booking tickets asap. I want to see bands on the Maes B stage and I still need to book those!

Maes B tickets are £10 a night until 30th June - or you could pay for the whole week and it will get you onto the main maes, too.

One thing I am unclear about is does buying a ticket for the Maes get you into all the Maes (say D and B) during the day and then you need to buy separate tickets for the different events in the evening?

A Maes ticket gives you entry to the Maes and the Pafiliwn (with unreserved first come, first served seating). Maes D is located on the Maes so this is included. Maes B is ‘youth’ campsite (no age limit) and separate to the main Maes and a Maes ticket doesn’t give entry to Maes B gigs - you need to buy separate tickets for those. But a Maes ticket does give you entry to any gigs happening on the two stages on the main Maes. The evening concerts in the Pafiliwn also require separate tickets.

@robbruce is referring to the Maes B season ticket which includes Maes B camping, entry to the Maes every day, and entry to all the Maes B gigs. A bargain if you’re going to attending throughout the week.

There is also a season ticket for the Maes which gives discounted entry if you’re planning to attend everyday

I hope that makes sense! :smile:


Thanks SJ, That’s really helpful.

I’ll have to think carefully about where I want to be on each day. I am volunteering on Maes D the first few afternoons, so I will get a free ticket for the Maes for those days. I will probably need to buy tickets for the other days individually.

I can’t help it if I feel ifanc tu mewn :slight_smile:


Ti ddim byth stopio teimlo’n ifanc! Mae fy enaid yn 16 blwyddyn ifanc. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: :sunny:

Okay, I’m looking for some advice here.

Do people normally book their evening tickets before the eisteddfod?
Do people from SSiW have a secret handshake or meeting place at the eisteddfod?
Does anyone have any recommendations?

I have only ever been to the eisteddfod twice before in situations and timeframes over which I’ve had no control. This time, I’ll be a free agent. But somehow I don’t fancy wandering around on my own for five days. :slight_smile:

Should I book myself up? Or go with the flow? Any thoughts? Suggestions? Am I over worrying this situation?

Oh, and one more question. Is the cymanfa ganu worth booking?

While I’ve never been to any of the evening concerts in the Pavilion before, I would advise booking tickets before hand. I think some concerts do sell out.

SSIW people tend to gravitate towards Maes D, and even those of us have “outgrown” Maes D (for want of a better word) will still pop in from time to time, especially when in need of a reasonably priced panad.

The best thing to do is to buy the ‘Gweithgarredau’ booklet (50p) once you’ve come through the ticket barrier (there’s a little shop) which outlines all the events/talks/competitions across the Maes. They will also give you a free map of the Maes. There is also the Rhaglen (£9) which is like the Bible of the Eisteddfod which has all the information about everything.

Once you’ve got your copy of ‘Gweithgarredau’ - locate Maes D on your map, and head over there to have a panad, read through booklet and plan your visit/day/week, you’ll probably bump into some SSIWers too. :slight_smile: A walk around the maes will also not only show you where everything is, but a lot of events are advertised directly outside the different stalls. A lot smaller events all over the maes, on stondinau etc, are also advertised on flyers stuck on boards and fences (especially around the toilets).

Here’s the link to the Gweithgarredau booklet from last year to give you an idea: http://www.eisteddfod.org.uk/uploads/publications/1386.pdf

I’m sure the Pabell Len (Literary Tent) will be of interest to you Liz; there were some excellent lectures last year. It can seem quite daunting to go to the Pabell Len as a dysgwr, but its not. At all. There’s usually plenty of room so you can skulk at the back. (expect for Talwrn y Beirdd which is standing room only), As with any festival, if there’s something, anything, which is a must-see for you, get there early just in case.

Gareth and I will be at the Eisteddfod every day Sunday - Saturday so we’ll be around and will pass on what we know. :slight_smile: There will also be plenty of other SSIW veterans of the Eisteddfod attending during the week.


Ooh! That’s useful. I will aim to do,just that. And hang around Maes D and aim to bump into folks. Once I have a UK phone number I’ll feel more able to get in touch with people. :smile:

Oh and you have to go to either the Crowning ceremony (Monday) or the Chairing ceremony (Friday) - or both! :smile: