Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Tregaron 2022

It looks like finally the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol in Tregaron, Ceredigion is going to go ahead live after 2 years of Zoom events! 30 July to 6 August! Here’s the latest information from the organisers:

We’ve commissioned OB3 Research to undertake an independent review of our performing (stage) competitions, and you’re invited to have your say!
The company’s prepared a short survey for opinions and ideas, and everything’s confidential. Complete the form here

Dyddiad cau | Closing date: 18.03.22

We’re getting a lot of emails about Maes B. Just to confirm, if you bought a ticket for the 2020 festival and you’ve still got it, you don’t need to buy a new ticket for this year. You’re good to go! But if you received a refund for your 2020 ticket, you’ll need to buy a new ticket for this year’s festival.

Tocynnau | Tickets

Would you like to perform on the Eisteddfod Maes this year? Get in touch! We’ve just launched a call out for performers to join us in Ceredigion this summer. More here

Dyddiad cau | Closing date: 18.02.22

1 March is an important day for us here in Wales, and it’s also an important date in the 2022 Eisteddfod calendar, as we’re going to be having a busy day! Stalls, catering opportunities and Societies sessions will be available online, and we’ll also be contacting all our caravanners and everyone on the waiting list, so remember to keep an eye on our website - https://eisteddfod.cymru/


Hi guys has anyone got tips/ suggestions for visiting the eisteddfod, based on past experience?

I’ve never been before .

Just wanted to ask in your opinions is it any better on some days than on others.

I.e is opening day more interesting than the other days, or is the middle of the festival the best time to visit?

Or is the vibe generally the same throughout the week?

And I’m looking to practice welsh while there.
What would you say is the best time to visit for welsh learning opportunities?

Any other tips/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated :grin::grin:

I’ve found google hasn’t given much info :thinking: :sob:

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It really depends on what you want to see. If you want to see one of the Gorsedd ceremonies in the pavilion, these are:
16:30 Monday: The Crowning
16:30 Wednesday: The Prose Medal
16:30 Friday: The Chairing
but there are other competitions taking place all week, and always something to see.

Yes, pretty much!

Absolutely any time at all, there will be plenty of opportunities all day every day! There is a learners tent (called Maes D) where you’ll be especially welcomed.

The Eisteddfod website is https://eisteddfod.wales/eisteddfod-2022
I can’t see an events schedule up yet, but I’m sure one will be posted before long - that will give you an idea of what’s happening when, so keep an eye out for that and that might help you pick a day. The FAQ page is very handy too https://eisteddfod.wales/eisteddfod-2022/faqs


The latest news on the Eisteddfod - take note of the deadlines if you’re thinking of taking part in any of the Learners’ Competitions, especially Dysgwr y Flwyddyn (Learner of the Year).

There’s only two months to go before the closing date for all our stage competitions! So if you’ve missed the chance to take part and test your talents against other like-minded people, now’s your chance. Find our more and register online by 1 May - and we look forward to seeing you in August!

We’re working with the National Centre for Learning Welsh in our search for this year’s Welsh Learner of the Year. So we want to hear from Welsh learners across the world who’d like to take part in one of our most coveted competitions. The entry form is now available online and the closing date is 1 May , so go for it!

Hi Oscar,

Yes, the whole Eisteddfod experience can be a bit bewildering the first time, specially if you go by yourself.

So what would I advise?

Get hold of a programme, on paper, or on your phone and find out what events you want to see. Almost everything is free (although you need to pay to enter the site itself) apart from some of the evening concerts/gigs. Some of the popular daytime events may be ticketed because demand outstrips supply. This might give a shape to your day. Major events and lectures sometimes also have translation services available via a rented headphone.

Volunteer. Certainly in past years this gets you in for free. Each session is, was, three (or was it four?) hours, and if you do two a day you get a food voucher which is good at any of the many food stalls. You absolutely don’t have to speak very good Welsh to do it, and in the application form they ask for your level of Welsh to be able to place you appropriately. But you can also choose which area. The first time I did this I volunteered in Maes D, the learners tent, where, of course, everyone is very conscious of learners. In later years I have volunteered to go anywhere at anytime, but if you say that, they might actually take you up on your offer! There’s always an event manager to whom volunteers report so you aren’t on your own. The volunteer information isn’t up on the website yet, 28 Feb, but I’ll fill it in when it does come up. You’re likely to know when you’re volunteering beforehand, but may not know where until you arrive on site, unless you’ve been very precise in where you’d like to go.

In previous years there have been one or two SSIW meet ups during the week, which will be arranged here on the Forum. That way you will know you will meet old friends and new.

If you live in Wales, in the learning, speaking, community, it is likely you will see people there who you know, or at least recognise. Buses run specially to the site run by local groups, towns, villages so you could probably get there that way. Traffic is known to clog up otherwise.

I hope this is useful to you.


Does anyone know where the Eisteddfod Maes will be in Tregaron eg north or south of the town?

I think it’ll be just to the north of the town according to the images here https://www.facebook.com/GwersyllaSteddfod2022/photos/?ref=page_internal

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The volunteering forms are up now.

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@beca-brown ar gyfer y cylchlythyr

Have folks booked accomodation / camping I’m starting to panic that I haven’t!

Normally go with the Cymdeithas campsite but haven’t heard anything about that yet this year.

I haven’t seen anything either! There’s usually, I believe, an ‘official’ campsite that is Eisteddfod run and advertised camp site as well and there’s no info about that either. (Although the info for the Abergavenny Eisteddfod is still up!).



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Phew! That’s a relief. Booked!


Here’s the link to the Eisteddfod programme so you can see what’s on in the various parts of the Maes (the area of the Eisteddfod) and plan what you might like to attend:

Amserlenni | Programmes

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Ive probably left this way too late but does anyone have advice or tips on accomodation near the Eisteddfod pkease? I’m thinking for Sat 30th July ideally. Bysedd sy’n croesi!

Here’s the Cymdeithas Yr Iaith gig list


Some really exciting news here from Jenny who lives in Australia and is a friend of Angharad, the lead singer with Calan. They have been collaborating on a musical programme for the Eisteddfod and Jenny will be there with her band to perform with Angharad!

I began learning Welsh in 2020 so that my band from Melbourne could remotely collaborate with Angharad Jenkins (Calan) and the National Eisteddfod. Now my band, Bush Gothic, have been invited toWales in August to perform at the Eisteddfod with Angharad. To promote our performance we have released our fourth single, Bwmba. It is a Welsh language song with English subtitles so I thought may be of interest to the broader SSIW community.

I’ve had a quick search of the programme but I haven’t found what day and time they will be performing. If anyone has better eyes than me and can spot it, please post the information :slight_smile:

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Bush Gothic will be playing Ty Gwerin (the folk tent) in Tregaron on Aug 04, 2022 at 3.30pm


An update from Jenny of Bush Gothic:

August 4th

1PM - Jenny and Angharad will be chatting in Maes D.
3:30PM - Bush Gothic will perform together with Angharad Jenkins on fiddle in Tŷ Gwerin

Brand new show by Fflur Dafydd, with songs by Griff Lynch and Lewys Wyn, starring Sam Ebenezer, Lynwen Haf Roberts, Gruffydd Rhys Davies, Miri Llwyd and the Eisteddfod Choir. Astronaut Lleuwen Jones battles to find a balance between love and commitment, duty and ambition, nation and space. Buy tickets here!

Join us in the Pavilion for an evening of congregational singing, as we enjoy some of our favourite hymns together. The conductor is Delyth Hopkins Evans and the organist, Iestyn Evans. Buy tickets here!

A new and unexpected look at the old tale of Maes Gwyddno and the lost cantref in the company of Ceredigion YFC. Despite the challenges the young crew face in re-entering life and socialising, the bells ring to celebrate our continuation of living three years in one. Buy tickets here!

Join an exciting musical adventure for the whole family in the company of Nel, the imaginative, mischievous star of Na, Nel!, the hugely popular book series by Meleri Wyn James. Will Nel save the world? Come and find out in our late afternoon prom on the Pavilion stage! Buy tickets here!

Warning! If you’re rather narrow-minded or find it hard to have fun and be just a little bit flippant and frivolous at times, you won’t want to know about the amazing show that’s on its way to the Pafiliwn - THE PAFILIWN!!! - this year. With the usual suspects in charge, we’ve got no idea what to expect, but apparently, they’ve been busy writing and ‘doing things’ for some time… You have been warned! Buy tickets here!

Gig y Pafiliwn is back, and the biggest stage on the Eisteddfod Maes is set to explode with a combination of the best of Welsh bands and the Welsh Pops Orchestra, presented by top Welsh DJ Huw Stephens. There’s no better way to end our Pavilion evening programme than with Gwilym, Adwaith, Mellt and Alffa, the orchestra and an amazing sound system! Buy tickets here!

Maes tickets and Pavilion season tickets are now on sale on-line. And you can print your tickets at home or use your smartphone to enter the Maes as part of our sustainability strategy to achieve zero net emissions and zero waste by 2025.