Eisteddfod Cenedlaethol 2020, Camping/Caravanning

On 3rd February at 10am the website for camping or caravans at the Eisteddfod goes live.
£299 for a caravan, including electricity £155 for a tent, without electricity.
This is, these are, the official camp, caravan sites run by, on behalf of the Eisteddfod Committee and their publicity assures me that the sites will sell out within hours.

I believe that Cymdeithas yr Iaith also offers a site. Can anyone tell me when their bookings open, and give me an idea of their prices? Also, do you have to be a member of the Cymdeithas to camp with them? I have broken my arm and in good times camping would not be an issue, but I don’t want to commit myself 6 months ahead when I really don’t know how I’ll be.

I’ve camped with Cymdeithas several times. The facilities are usually more basic than the official site, but there’s more of a community feeling. They don’t offer electrical hook-ups, but there will be showers, water, and some kind of cafe - particularly offering breakfasts. They’re more popular with younger people, partly, I think because their prices are often substantially cheaper than the official site.

Another thing that has come up this year is that MaesB is only open from the Tuesday onwards, so if you are young/brave enough to want to camp there, you’ll have to find an alternative site in order to attend the first few days of the week. The MaesB wristband will also not get you into the main Eisteddfod until after 4pm on the Tuesday. Not sure what this means for Caffi MaesB - maybe it will be rather quieter than usual early in the Eisteddfod.

Thanks @robbruce. Any idea when the Cymdeithas booking opens? I feel young enough to camp, but not young enough for Maes B!

Last year booking opened in early March I don’t think it sold out, so there’s not great rush, unlike the official site.

Have a look at the Eisteddfod thread here if you need more info on Eisteddfod accommodation - I updated it yesterday with the latest from the Eisteddfod site…