Eich or dych?

I’ve just started level 2 and am learning the polite/plural version of ‘you’. I’m confused though because in the formal Welsh lessons I went to last year, ‘dych’ was used but it seems to be ’eich’ here. Is this down to regional variation?


Hi @louiset641,

Yes! There seems to be some sort of national competition going on in Welsh about truncating things as much as humanly possible…and Iestyn drops the ‘d’ from the ‘dych’ that I was also used to/ expecting!

So yes, it’s regional. You will also hear ‘dych’ all the time.

Rich :slight_smile:


It’s likely to be “ych”. “Eich” means your as the formal/plural :slight_smile:


Yes, isn’t it dych/ych chi, with chi meaning you and dych or ych meaning are.

Anyway, I’m sure that both will be ok, as we learnt it as 'ych chi back in the 90s Southern classes.

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