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Hi everyone!

Long time listener first time caller :slight_smile:

I see there have been a couple of attempts to start an Edinburgh/Scotland meetup over the last few years but there doesn’t seem to be a regular meetup at the moment (please let me know if there is and I’m missing out on it!).

If at first you don’t succeed… maybe a show of hands for people who would be able to meet in Edinburgh at a cafe or pub in any form? I’d be happy to do the boring bits getting it all organised.

To introduce myself - I live in the Borders but I’m from Builth Wells (/Llanfair ym Muallt). I’ve loved going through the old and new courses at SSiWelsh while walking the dog and it would be great to have someone else to talk to in an extremely relaxed way. I’ve done language exchange in Edinburgh before with Italian so I know my way around the good cafes.

So without further ado, anyone interested?



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Hi Sion!

I would definitely be interested in this. I’m from Inverness, went to university in Lampeter and now live in Glasgow. I’m a keen learner of Welsh with SSIW and I’d love to talk to other folk in Scotland in Cymraeg. :slight_smile:

Hi Juliette,

Great! We’ll have to have a chat about Leakey’s :slight_smile: . I have a couple of friends who are keen at the moment including one from Edinburgh. I’m going to get in touch with the Edinburgh Welsh Society and a couple of other places to spread the word and then try to have a trial meetup once there are numbers. I’ll keep you updated here and obviously anyone else reading this who wants to come along (very chill, informal, relaxed, all-levels) chime in. My aim is to have the first meetup in the early summer holidays before the festival madness begins.

Helo Sion and Juliette, and I’m sorry for being late to join this conversation. I would love to meet up with others in or near Edinburgh on the SSiW course. I’m based in Edinburgh. Although Festival madness has now started, I’d be very happy to meet at any time. Cofion cynnes, Rob

Hi Sion, I live near Berwick, so can’t commit to any regular meet-up, but if my trips to Edinburgh coincide with a meeting, then I’d love to join in. I’ll keep an eye on this thread anyway. Pob Lwc! Doug

Hi @robert-dunbar and @dougewart!

Great to hear you’re both interested!

I’ve been slow to get going on this because I heard that Charles (Siarl) Wilson at Edinburgh Uni runs a conversation meetup from time to time - I think it’s not running at the moment so I’m planning to arrange something for September or October once the thronged masses have made their way home! I’ll keep you updated here.

@kristindeeken are you interested in a SSiW meetup in Edinburgh? :slight_smile:

Yes! Wrth gwrs! Syniad da!

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@sionrjones @robert-dunbar @dougewart @kristindeeken

If you want to organise a day and time that’s suitable for your first Edinburgh meetup, post the details here and I’ll publicise it in the SSiW Newsletter to see if we can get a few more along :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m from Kilmarnock here, a friend and I are both learning Welsh and I know I’d be up for that. Let me know any details. :slight_smile:

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Hopefully I’m doing this right as it’s my first time using the forum.

I’ve started a new thread about a possible meet up in Edinburgh maybe? (can suggest other locations outside edinburgh too). Link to thread:

Don’t know how to include it in a photo that I’ve seen others do sorry.

Pop over and comment if you’re interested :smiley: