(EASY ENOUGH) Question Number. 10 (Camera) from Tatjana (Course 3/Level 2)

Here’s new, fairly easy question from me. Mind this question was recorded earlier than Question 9 so the mistake of saying coed instead of coedwig is still there. However I believe the thing will still be understood.


Here’s my go at an answer …


Diddorol iawn!

Very interesting. I don’t know many persons who’d still use good old (film) camera. Gwych!

Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:

Hi Gareth, Dw i dal yn saethu lluniau gyda ffilm hefyd, Bronica, Mamiya a 35mm :slight_smile:

Dw i dal yn saethu ffilm hefyd…


Hi Carin, pa fath o Mamiya dach chi’n defnyddio? Ers talwm oeddwn i’n meddwl am brynu Mamiya C330, ond mi brynes i Rolleiflex T. Fel arfer dw i’n defnyddio 35mm Canon T90, achos mae gen i lawer o lensys, ond pan dw i’n cerdded yn y mynyddoedd dw i’n cario Ricoh GR1s - camera bach 35mm. Mi wnes i werthu fy Pentax ME Super - camgymeriad, dw i’n meddwl rwan, achos roedd o’n camera hyfryd iawn.

Bore da, Mamiya C3, y C330 camera iawn hefyd. Dw i newydd ddychrau dysgu cymraeg, dim ond ar wythnos deg :slight_smile: Dw i’n deall llawer o beth wedest ti. Mae gyda fi Canon a Nikon 35mm ffilm gamerau ac un hen Zorki, a llawer o hen gamerau bach hefyd. Llawer o hen ffilm yn yr oergell hefyd (looked that one up).
Digidol - Nikon D800 a Fuji :slight_smile: Mae llawer o gamerau bendigedig gyda ti hefyd. Hwyl
(Hope you understand my newbie Cymraeg)

Well, you should be really proud of how far you have got with your Welsh so far. If my experience is anything to go by there will be ups and downs (those lessons when you feel it is just all gobbledegook), but if you keep moving forward bit by bit eventually it all soaks in.
I’ve got a load of Fuji Velvia 50 in the fridge, but its continued availability is a bit of a worry. I don’t have a proper digital camera, but I sometimes use the camera on my phone for snaps. I’m going to try to stick with film until it just gets too expensive - or until the cameras decide to stop working.

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Thankyou. Nik & Trick online are good for film. I’m in Bridgend South Wales and need to shoot more in general. Do you develop your own? I only do B&W at home and scan in. All the best