Easter / Pasg 2022

Pasg hapus i bawb : Happy Easter to everyone
Bu farw Iesu ar y Groes : Jesus died on the Cross
ond : but
cododd Iesu. : Jesus rose.
Mae Iesu yn byw. : Jesus lives
Caersalem : Jerusalem
croeshoeliad : crucifixion
Calfari : Calvary
gwaed : blood
bedd : tomb (or grave)

Status%20Risen !


Ah, that’s cool, thanks! Some day, I hope to connect with the Welsh-speaking church in Wales - go to a service yn Gymraeg and chat afterwards.

The “Bu” at the beginning of your sentence there - is that similar to the “Mi” that you sometimes hear/see?

Also, the spelling of Iesu - is that pronounced with an “ee” sound at the end as is usual for “u” in Welsh? I think I was expecting Iesw…

No, ‘bu’ is a form of bod whereas ‘mi’ at the beginning of a sentence is just a particle that indicates a positive statement or an alternative in some instances to ‘fi’.

Yes, that’s right. It’s pronounced yes-ee, not yes-oo

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Really interesting, thanks!

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