Easter / Pasg 2021

As of this Saturday it’s officially the beginning of a two week Easter break here in Wales for all schools. So I thought, why not start an Easter thread on the forum where we can discuss all things Easter - online events, ideas on how to celebrate, recipes for traditional Welsh dishes and so on…

Please contribute to your heart’s content! :smiley:

For some useful Easter vocabulary see the following thread -

Here’s another Easter related thread -

An Easter recipe tweet from S4C, posted last year -


Some Welsh Easter traditions from The Welsh Gift Shop -


Do you remember Alan a Spencer who won the 12th series of The Apprentice UK in 2016? Well she went on to start her own business in Aberystwyth called Ridiculously Rich by Alan and to start learning Welsh with SSiW!

She bakes some magnificent cakes and currently has a very special Easter edition box of postable tray bakes on offer.

To get yours before they run out, click on the link below… :cake: :cupcake: :moon_cake: :pie: :doughnut:


I’ve ordered one for my in-laws! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sul y Blodau hapus! I was interested to read about this, as my in-laws (who don’t live in Wales and have no Welsh family as far as I know) always put flowers on their family members’ graves at Easter. I’ve not met anyone else who does this so was intrigued to read it is a Welsh custom. Whether you’re a church-goer or not, there are so many symbols of new life / the cycle of life around this time of year so it makes sense from many perspectives.