East anglian meet ups - Feb 2018

Hi there have been some changes to the two meet ups ( Cambridge and the Norfolk meet up) @Deborah-SSi

cambridge will now be on Wednesday 21st December 2018 7.35pm in the Panton Arms https://pantonarms.co.uk/

Norfolk ( east Dereham) will be held on Tuesday 20th Feb 2018 at 7.30 in the Kings Head, East Dereham

sorry to change dates its just that some members requested changes of dates for personal reasons

Btw I dont know about some of you who organise meet ups but a lot of pubs show live sport and when they show big matches the pubs get noisy, is there a good web site where I can check the dates of big matches being televised in order to prevent a clash ?

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December?? I take it that’s February :slight_smile:

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sorry , ive lost the plot… yes February…too many wild and crazy night shifts !

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