East Anglian Meet ups 2019

Hi welcome to all who love the language @Deborah-SSi

C A M B R I D G E UK Tuesday 29th January 2019 7.20pm onwards in The Panton Arms, Panton Street, Cambridge, England CB2 1HL, United Kingdom

https://pantonarms.co.uk/ 7.20pm onwards

E A S T D E R E H A M ( Norfolk) Thursday 31st January 2019 at 7.30pm in the King’s Head, Norwich Street


Hi @maynard, I’ve taken the liberty of removing the ‘January’ from the title of this thread so you can just keep posting each month’s details here instead of starting a new thread each time.

Do you have the dates for February yet?

Diolch :slight_smile:

Diolch i chdi Dee, Fe fyddai’r dyddiadau fel y canlyn:

C a m b r i d g e ( England)** 26.2.19 Tuesday evening in the Panton Arms, https://pantonarms.co.uk - 7.20pm onwards**
( If you need a bite of food some of us eat and chat just beforehand)

E a s t . D e r e h a m , ( Mid Norfolk) 28.2.19 Thursday evening in the King’s Head, East Dereham at 7.30pm

C R O E S O ,C Y N N E S , I B A W B


Any plans for the next meetups @Maynard?

Hi the East Anglia meet ups
C A M B R I D G E. Tues 26/3/19…19 10hrs onwards - 21.15 at the Panton Arms .

N O R F O L K …Thurs 28/3/19 at The Kings Head, Norwich Street, East Dereham. At 19.30 hrs.

Croeso cynnes I bawb


And the April meetup details can be found at East Anglian Meet ups April 2019

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Any May dates yet @maynard? :slight_smile:

Cambridge - Tues May 21st 2019 - The Panton Arms , CB2 @ 7.15 pm onwards

Norfolk - Thurs 23 May 2019 - The Kings Head, East Dereham @ 7.30 onwards

Croeso cynnes i bawb sy’n caru’r Iaith


Any dates for meetups yet @maynard?

hi dee, just had the ones for July , August will be 27th and 29th cambridge and Norfolk repectively, venues and timings the same as always. PS are you going to the Eisteddfod this year and if so, what days? Be nice to say hello

I won’t be there this year, though I feel a bit sad about missing Llanrwst. I’ve never been there and it’s such a Welsh-speaking area! Unfortunately it clashes with an Esperanto festival in Barcelona that I want to go to, so I had to make a choice. Enjoy yourself!

:cry: sorry to miss you in Llanrwst. :disappointed_relieved:

East Anglian Welsh Picnic… are proud to announce there is a Picnic on Saturday 27th July 2019 at Brandon Country Park, near Thetford meet at 2pm ! pm me for more information. There won’t be any pub meet ups this month as the Eisteddfod is in August and we have been speaking too much Welsh already! lol

@maynard Any meetups planned for September?

hi the September meet ups are
Cambridge -Tuesday 24th Sepember 2019 @ The Panton Arms, Cambridge City CB2 1HL 7.15 pm to 9 ish

Norfolk - Thursday 26th September 2019@ The Kings Head, Norwich St, East Dereham NR19 1AD 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

Croeso cynnes i bawb

The next Cambridge meet up will be Tuesday evening 29th October 2019 at 7-15 -m to 21.15ish in the Panton Arms , Cambridge CB2 1HL Croso Cynnes i Bawb

The Dereham group will not be meeting in October due to people being away, we will resume in November @dee-4

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Diolch @maynard! I’ve gone back to my real name instead of the nickname ‘Dee’ so if you could tag me as @Deborah-SSiW that would be good :slight_smile:

ok thanks x

Hi, my name is Pete and I have been trying to learn Welsh for approximately 12 months. I live in the village of Witcham near Ely. I’d like to attend one of your meetings but I’m concerned that I wouldn’t be able to contribute much in terms of Welsh speaking due to my lack of vocabulary. Would it be possible to come along and see how it goes?

The Cambridge group is friendly and has people with a range of abilities. You’d be very welcome! The next one is tonight – see @maynard 's message above.