East Anglian ( Cambridge and Norfolk)meet ups in October 2018

Just a couple of lines to say the following:
Cambridge Meet Up ( Cymry Caergrawnt) Tuesday night 7.15 on the 23rd October 2018 at the PANTON ARMS CB2 ( not the Alma this time)

Norfolk ( Clwb Siarad) - Thursday night 25th October 7.30 at the Kings Arms , Norwich Str, East Dereham.

C R O E S O C Y N N E S @Deborah-SSi


Diolch @maynard I’ve got the Norfolk meetup as the King’s Head - I’ll leave it like that in the newsletter unless you let me know that it’s wrong.


I was not brought up in any religion but always impressed that commitment to attendance at Mass was such that devout travelling members of that church would always seek out the local RC church or chapel the very moment they arrived as a guest to stay with our family… I have felt inclined to do that sort of thing with attending a Friends Meeting (Quakers, although I am not one) while I was camping in Ireland or staying with family in Luxembourg, but it is a trickier ask to find a Friend’s Meeting House sometimes in more remote places…

Anyway, all that waffle is to point out that, just as the dawn chorus gives you a new insight into the unfamiliar landscape of valleys and hills like an audio-image or an MRI scan in birdsong on your first morn8ng in a rural B&B, so I feel as if I am embracing a new dawn in an oddly familiar world made suddenly wonderfully strange, nay weird (werden German, to become, or future tense auxiliary).

Vistas and Horizons open up. I cannot imagine going to Llanelli again anywhere near a Monday without thinking Clwb Clecs, and I imagine Dee is working her way round the Australian equivalents right now, (like a non-European Grand Tour of the sort that gave us Byron & Shelley, Mary Bysshe & her husband’s works) or the chronicling by Boswell of that other gouty fellow’s travels- he of the dictionary featured in Blackadder…) Do you end up drinking more beer or tea/coffee on your Antipodean travels @Deborah-SSi?

Now if I ever go to East Anglia, I can hang the itinerary on catching conversation groups on their days or evenings on… Intervisitation… Butterflies and bees, and cross-fertilisation…

Lorna, go to bed! :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I gwely? I’r gwely? Amser gwely a cysgu! Whatever. I need shut-eye. I’ll need to be up at 7am in 5hrs time…at #1Coffee (K’s H, Brummagem) in ten… :laughing::slight_smile:️:relieved:

Hi dee sorry for late reply . yes its the Kings Head, East Dereham for the Norfolk group. Thanks


Hello! I am near East Dereham - could you let me know when the next meeting is? I have recently joined Deep End. Dioch!

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Hi julie, croeso !the next meeting is planned for Thursday 29th November meeting at the King’s Head on Norwich street starting at 7.30 pm. Hope you can make it. If you pm me your email address I will add it to my distribution list for the group.