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Any Welsh speakers in East Anglia want to meet up to help a learner practice?

Hi I’m John (Maynard) and run two monthly meet up groups in East Anglia… Cambridge and East Dereham ( Norfolk) Which county of East Anglia are you in? If you are in the south there is a Welsh Society in Chelmsford and if you are in the West there is Peterborough (if its still running). In any case we are meeting next week Cambridge (City) on Tuesday night 7.15pm in the Panton Arms CB2 ( Railway station/ Botanical Gardens area). This is a big group of both Welsh first language speakers and learners (most SSIW) . The Norfolk Group is meeting on THursday 7.30pm at The King’s Head, Norwich Street, East Dereham. A medium size group of both first language and learners, I have people who travel from suffolk and West Norfolk and Norwich City who offer lifts.

Hi John, thanks so much for your response. I’m in Suffolk - Ipswich more precisely.
I’m really pleased to hear of the meetings in Cambridge and Norfolk. These are a bit of a trek but I would certainly give it a go when work patterns allow!

That’s cool Mike. A couple of guys come over to Norfolk regularly ( Robert and John) from Suffolk around Stowmarket I think. John has wanted something in the area so … maybe! A new guy also comes from that area with John too and he is a first language speaker from Wrecsam originally. I know there are Welsh speakers in Ipswich too. I used to visit Ipswich regularly when I was in the Army and have heard Welsh spoken on occasion, Anyway I’ll get John Jones to contact you

Thanks for that John. It would be really great to meet up with some folks for practice. It’s been a few years since I was actively learning and I’m going to go to Nant Gwrtheyren at the end of October for a course so I’d be really grateful to get a bit of revision in before then!

Cool. I’m on Facebook. John Archer. Also face book pages Cymry Caergrawnt and Clwb siarad Norfolk. If you give me your e mail I’ll add you to the mailing list for meet up news… Also I’ll get John from Suffolk contact you. Cheers john

Michael,I live near Stowmarket and Bob Westacott lives in Ipswich. We go fairly regularly to the East Dereham meetups and we meet occasionally for panad a sgrws in between times. We’re both retired and tend to meet on weekdays but evenings and weekends are equally possible if this is easier for you. Bob’s doing the Southern course and I’m on the Northern.
If you’d like to contact me on 01449 711448 or via the forum, we’ll try and arrange to get together. John

S’mae John,
Diolch yn fawr am dy neges, mae’n dda iawn i glywed oddi wrthat ti!
Byddai hi’n neis iawn i gwrdd â Bob a thi. Dw i wedi bod yn dysgu Cymraeg am ychydig o flyneddoedd ond, a dweud y gwir, dw i heb ei defnyddio ers talwm ac dw i heb wneud llawer o astudio am lot o amser. Nes i ddysgu Cymraeg y de’n gyntaf ond nawr dwi’n ceisio dysgu rhagor o’r geiriau’r gogledd.
Felly, hoffwn i iawn i gwrdd â’r ddau ohonot ti a chael cyfle i ymarfer - dw i ddim yn gallu siarad yn gyflym iawm o gwbl!!
Diolch unwaith eto am ysgrifennu. Fy rhif ffôn yw 07724577028 os hoffet ti alw neu text.
Hwyl am y tro!

Sut mae John. Are the East Anglian get togethers still running? Posted 3 years ago I know but thought it worth asking.
Diolch yn fawr iawn

Hi Howard. Dwi’n iawn diolch Yhe East Anglian groups never got going in the pubs again since Covid. We meet on line on Monday 19.30 hrs every week (Zoom) if you are interested let me know. I would have started the groups up again but i now have to look after my elderly mother on a regular basis. I might consider meet ups in king’s Lynn where I live

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