East Anglia Welsh speakers

S’mae pawb. I am a learner from Ipswich in England and am new to SSiW. I’m wondering if there are any members who live in the East Anglia region? It’s quite difficult to practice Welsh in these parts!

Diolch i gyd

S’mae Michael :slight_smile:
Yes, there are East Anglian learners (I’m in Norfolk) - and Maynard organises two monthly meetups too, which are happening again next week.

Cambridge (Caergrawnt) - Tues, 27 August, 7.15, Panton Arms, 43 Panton St, Cambridge CB2 1HL (contact maynard )

Norfolk – Thurs, 29 August, 7.30 - 9.15pm, King’s Head, Norwich St, East Dereham, Norfolk (Contact Maynard )

I copied these details from the weekly SSiW newsletter - contact @Deborah-SSi if you’re not already getting it, but would like to. Mixed abilities, friendly crowd - in July we enjoyed an East Anglian Welsh picnic together in Brandon. :sandwich::cupcake:

I’d recommend talking to other learners via Slack too, which really expands your options - the first person I spoke to in Welsh was in Finland. Don’t let geography hold you back!


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Croeso, Michael.

I live near Stowmarket and I have a friend, Bob Westacott, in Ipswich who I meet from time to time for conversation. Last night we went to the Cambridge meetup mentioned above and had a very enjoyable evening. We also know a man in Boxford who is a first-language speaker. Bob and I have both been learning for about three years but are making fairly slow progress thanks to having too many other interests. Would you like to meet for some conversation?

Are there still any East Anglian meet ups? I am a new learner from North Suffolk. Diolch

I don’t know about any ‘real life’ ones at the moment, but there’s an online Zoom one on Monday evenings… Cyfarfod Cymraeg Caergrawnt a Norfolk - which went online during lockdown. Greg coordinates this; @maynard could you provide more details for @denise-6 please?

hi Denise-6 ! The East Anglia meet ups are on line every Monday at 7.30 pm. (Zoom) if you message me ( or Greg , gjpearce ) with your e mail we can add you to the weekly email reminder with link, We chat from 7.30pm til sometimes 10pm BUT come in and retire any time you wish. We are a mixed group of different levels of learners and Welsh first language speakers . I would like to start meetups face to face at some stae but I have had to nurse my mother on and off since COVID and I have been having challenges with my rescue dog.

Hi thankyou I will send an e mail but how do I do that ? Where do I find your e mail. Sorry to sound a bit daft but I am new to the forum

You can safely send your email address to @maynard through a private direct message here on the forum.
To do that, click on the name of the person you want to contact and a box will pop up with a blue ‘Message’ button. Click on that and it will take you to where you can write your private message.
For replies, keep an eye on your avatar (in your case, your grey circle with the D in it) in the top right hand corner of the forum - if there is a private message waiting for you, there will be a little green dot next to your avatar. To retrieve the message, click on your avatar and choose the envelope icon - you’ll be able to see all your direct messages from there.

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