Eartha Kitt singing in Welsh

Have we done this already? :slight_smile:

With thanks to Victoria for the link… :slight_smile:

And you might also like this Welsh vs Belfast cow sounds…



Yes, already done but always worth watching again.

And that Welsh vs Irish cow is fantastic. :joy::heart_eyes:

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Ha, haaa… I love the moos - it’s so cute!

That will keep me smiling for the rest of day!

Rich :slight_smile:

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This is glorious! What is she singing please and who’s the bloke at the end?

  • know him from my youth…
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That was Ronnie from Ryan & Ronnie …


'Mae ‘nghariad i’n fenws’:'nghariadd_i’n_Fenws_(Gustav_Holst)


Diolch yn fawr! Dwi’n mynd i ddysgu hi. :smile:

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Have you see that Liam - the bilingual ‘mooing’ baby - has gone viral?!

Over two million views and counting!

Rich :slight_smile:

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