Dysgu Cymraeg and SSiW

Can someone explain how i can access SSiW as I am registered as a learner with Dysgu Cymraeg. someone in my group has sent me a Powerpoint info sheet but it doesnt tell me how to actually access SSiW. Diolch, Sue

Dysgu Cymraeg and SSiW are different courses run by different people. Unless there is a new co-operation between the two that I am not aware of, being enrolled in a Dysgu Cymraeg course does not grant you automatic access to SSiW. In order to access SSiW materials, you need to subscribe to one of SSiW’s courses.

thanks. my friend has sent me something that says otherwise. I’ll make enquiries

There is a new co-operation between Dysgu Cymraeg and SSIW! :slight_smile: Not sure how Dysgu Cymraeg students get access to the SSIW resources though, sorry - hoping someone with more knowledge can help answer! @Deborah-SSi Do you know, please?


Nice video about it :slight_smile: 1. Learning with SSIW and Dysgu Cymraeg / Mwynhau gyda SSIW a Dysgu Cymraeg - YouTube


Hi. Diolch. Yes i saw it and i have met Diana when i did a weekend with Marcus. Not sure how i can access it tho so have messaged Nia hoping she can point me in the right direction !

If you speak with your Dysgu Cymraeg tutor, they can provide you with a link to register. The free version is the new AutoMagic app which is our latest development. For any of the other SSiW resources, it’s still necessary to have a monthly subscription.


Thank you for the information, will speak to the tutor next lesson

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What is the AutoMagic app please?

In short it’s a new way to present the course material dynamically, taking into account the learner’s personal progress and feedback, instead of statically produced sound files.

For more information, here is a whole thread on this:


Thank you for the info

Oh! I am starting Dysgu Cymraeg in January. I didn’t know this either!x

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I have clicked my link and can access this on safari as a web page, but i cannot find an iOS app for it. What is the app called please?

The iOS app is still under development @kirsty-james so for the moment you can access it through the browser on your phone.

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