Dyna, Taw Dyna, Dyna Yw

In the challenges I have heard THAT’S (THAT IS) spoken as DYNA (as in Dyna Plant i chi) and TAW DYNA (as in …taw dyna’r peth). I have also seen DYNA YW for “that is”. Can someone please explain the difference and any rule for which one should apply in speech

Dyna and Dyna yw are used at the beginning of a sentence to indicate something (either physically or metaphorically). Taw is used mid-sentence when the word that follows it is not a verb.

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Hi Siaron

Yes - that helps a lot. Diolch yn fawr


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TAW is used in emphatic sentences. For example:
Dw i’n meddwl taw hi yw’r gorau
I think that SHE is the best.

Diolch Steve