Dydy hi ddim or doedd hi ddim

Bore da could anyone explain to me
Dydy hi ddim and doedd hi ddim, also I’m having problems when to use iddi, when should I add it on to iddi hi (hope that makes sense) diolch

Dydy hi ddim = present tense = she isn’t
Doedd hi ddim = past tense = she wasn’t

Basically, whenever you would have an i directly followed by a hi, you need to change the i to iddi.
Dwi’n rhoi’r llyfr i hi needs to be Dwi’n rhoi’r llyfr iddi hi
Rhaid i hi fynd needs to be Rhaid iddi hi fynd

Edit for clarity:
**but also bear in mind you can leave off the hi as long as you’ve got the iddi - dwi’n rhoi’r llyfr iddi / rhaid iddi fynd


Diolch Siaron

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